J.Christ & Grz Tapez - Sport Of Kings


01 Timeline Ft. Sen City (Prod. By Track Bangas)
02 Hollywood (Prod. By J.Christ)
03 Baby Steps (Prod. By Harry Fraud)
04 Museum (Prod. By J.Christ)
05 Home Depot Ft. Youngin' (Prod. By J.Christ)
06 It's Real Ft. Mr. Aay (Prod. By J.Christ)
07 Where The Angels Lay (Prod. By Twizzy Twade)
08 Devil Stay (Prod. By Twizzy Twade)
09 Don't It (Prod. By Trak Bullyz)
10 Let'em Go (Prod. By J.Christ)
11 Polo Buckle Ft. Prof. Parks (Prod. By J.Christ)

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