Javon Jacobs - Jordan & Pippen


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1 - The Tipoff
2 - Underdog
3 - Reporting Live
4 - Intimate Connection
5 - In My Mind
6 - Chants
7 - Halftime
8 - Just Wanna Know
9 - Come Through
10 - Writing Featuring Teeze Too Clean
11 - You It
12 - Fire
13 - Mind Frame
14 - Move With Us
15 - This World
16 - Buzzer Beater

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A cat would be hellanice for

A cat would be hellanice for me to accept being called Pippen.

They should have named this CD

Felipe Lopez and Toby Bailey. These dudes suck.
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blackrome wrote:
Felipe Lopez and Toby Bailey. These dudes suck.
ed and charles o'bannon greatest hits! -hating thats what you do best-


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i been outta town for a few and aint shit drop.....damn!


get the recovery on pirate bay, its a classic (eminem)
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thats whats up

i got it d/l now if its good ill support em...
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i dont care

the mixtape might be wack but imma download just because of the cover. CHITOWN WHERE YA @? OH THATS RIGHT, YOU ON MY BACK, lol, MY BAD I FORGOT
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hey stupid,

Ever heard of right-click-save?? Fucking idiot! ..And they get dumber by the day i swear.
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i think the don dilli mixcd is the best unsigned mix on here!!!! now days people are fucking the game up wit thid fly cover but sanitation liriks....like the song from don dilli king of crown heights....signem wit sanitation they record pure trash!!!!but keep it up...there helping some engineer feed his/her family!!
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your cover is

your cover is crack........how do you upload your own mixtape?