Jay-Z - Lost Ones

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Nice track.. had to listen to it a couple of times...
It's not a diss song, it's a real song.
Try Told You I Was Hot

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love the beat, love the

love the beat, love the lyrics, love the fact that The King Is Back!! how about the second verse about Beyonce?! are we to think they aren't together anymore, that their relationship is the way they always made it seem, or is this just a trick so people will leave them alone? If Jay is a soap opera call me a middle aged homemaker eatin' bon bons because i'm in!

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Well you know Hollywood

People can break up just to increase sales.. i thought Beyonce and Jay will break up when her album is released but it might be the other way round..

Wont suprise me as this track is froom the album, still time for them to break up just in time for the album release
Try Told You I Was Hot

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lol they prolly broke up

i waz watchin tv and dis new B video came on tv and finally J waznt on it...

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hot beat

jay'z king of rap

The New Mesiah

Put your money on the GAME nobody's gonna come close to CHUCC Taylor in sales except that niGGa from Hawaain Silky Fame