Jeremy Miller Officially Takes Over As CEO Of The Source

Jeremy Miller was officially named the new president and chief executive officer of The Source magazine.

The appointment was made Thursday (Jan. 19) by The Source Enterprises Inc. board of directors after they terminated Miller's predecessor David Mays and The Source president Ray "Benzino" Scott.

The Source Enterprises Inc. is the parent company of the Source magazine.

"Having worked at The Source for the past 15 years, I am pleased to assume the position of CEO and restore the magazine to its rightful position as the preeminent Hip-Hop magazine," says Miller, who served as chief operating officer of the magazine during his first tenure.

Miller currently publishes Down magazine, a publication dedicated to southern Hip-Hop music and culture.

Down was founded one-year ago after Miller left The Source.

Mays and Scott are said to be fully cooperating with the board's transition.

Miller hopes to bring the Source back to prominence within the Hip-Hop community, saying "I am confident with new leadership, along with valued members of the current editorial department and staff that we will wholeheartedly bring our collective expertise, journalistic talent and passion for Hip-Hop to the table to execute and distribute an exceptional Hip-Hop 'bible' for the readers."

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