JR Writer - Still Standing 2


01 - Ss2 Intro Ft Duke Da God
02 - Another Hater
03 - Hang It Up
04 - Rewind Back Ft Cassidy Duke Da God
05 - Thats All I Know
06 - How Writer Do It Ft Duke Da God
07 - Kill Em Dead Ft Lloyd Banks
08 - Fly High
09 - Work It On Out
10 - Gettin 2 The Money Ft Hell Rell
11 - Lets Get It On
12 - Mo Fiya Ft Fred Money
13 - Fine Night
14 - That Be Us Ft A-Mafia
15 - Yea Rite Ft Duke Da God
16 - Headshots Ft Fred Money
17 - Real Enuff
18 - Whats Gucci

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Been waiting on this

Jr goes ham enough said!


Worth the D/L bangs pretty well.
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ayy this new tape I heard aint too bad. New white kid named Hop Hobson. Corny name I know but dude is alright. A little Slim Shady imitation goin on with him a bit but he's got talent... http://www.datpiff.com/Hop-Hobson-MrNiceGuy-mixtape.233773.html

Your a spammer

why you go on mixtapes and say "Yo this a good mixtape, but im not really here to talk about the mixtape and how it is im just here to let you know that im a struggling artist who isnt getting anywhere so i go to mixtapes and go on youtube videos and post comments saying yoso this guy i know (insert name) is pretty good and hes got a new song or mixtape out and hes like this artist that i came to spam on his mixtape, and ya go check him out and that aryist isnt a dude i know its just me trying to act like im not tryna promote myself and hopefully if i dont try to say its me then people wont think im tryna spam and will go check it out" BOL, UR A TURD!!! GO SPAM SOMEWHERE ELSE CAUSE NO ONE HERE GIVES TWO SHITS BOUT YOUR MUSIC! YOUR A EPIC FAILURE, AND I JUST CALLED YOU OUT ON YOUR LITTLE SHCEME! BAM! BOL, I GOTCHU!! lmao, fucking poserm= ass bitch made bol! STOP SPAMMING MIXTAPES!
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Check my profile. Ive been on here for a min. I don't rap. Heard a tape that wasnt on here. Dont go listen to it if you don't care. I don't give a shit. Im sure theres some people on here that would enjoy it a bit though. And I didn't even say it was all that. I said it wasn't too bad and mostly sounds like he's tryin too hard to imitate Slim. Get a new hobby and talk that shit to someone who gives a shit...
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Hobby rapper, Go back to your job at Foot Locker.

d wEEZY 1 wrote:
ayy this new tape I heard aint too bad. New white kid named Hop Hobson. Corny name I know but dude is alright. A little Slim Shady imitation goin on with him a bit but he's got talent... http://www.datpiff.com/Hop-Hobson-MrNiceGuy-mixtape.233773.html
Is that a pic of Hop Hobson that you're using for your avatar? I cant stand 20 seconds of that shit. That dude is fucking retarded. Sounds like 99% of white INTERNET rappers. Have you ever did a live show, or just in front of your computer? Check out all the comments he left himself on datpiff. He made most of his posts at the same time. Retarded...
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You guys are lame. Get out with that talkin shit when people try to share music. Last I checked, this was a music site. Im not an fn spammer and Hop aint me. Just a tape I heard yesterday that I havnt seen on this site. He's another white kid. Not as good as Machine Gun Kelly, Chris Webby, or even close to Yela or Rittz but the tape is worth a listen.

WRITER is Straight FIRE.

Yo,1st off this Mixtape is A Problem. 2nd off, d wEEZY 1 keep your weak ass comments of some other chumps mixtape off this one. When you click on comments under the tracklisting in a mixtape it should be for that MIXTAPE, Fucking Lame as wannabe Slim Shady Fag. Back to Writer's SS2, Damn Mixtape is Beast. Finally!!!! Well worth the wait. Featuring, Cassidy, Hell Rell, Loyd Banks, A-Mafia and his brother Fred Money!!!!! DIPSET All Fucking Day. Enough Said.

Can you tell it's a

Can you tell it's a resession when all these white boys are trying to be rappers hahahahaha too fuckin' funny.
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Racist ass comment...

Yh because Yela, Rittz, and MGK have no skill at all? F@#king ignorant ass thing to say....
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Agree with you on this Writer tape. Shits sick! Wasn't and never would compare that kids tape to this. It just happened to be the tape on top the day I logged in. If you don't wanna check out other tapes people recommend that arent on this site. Don't do it. Damn you all get but hurt over some bullshit don't ya...

Bitch its a joke you over

Bitch its a joke you over there talkin' bout people gettin' hurt over some bullshit look at you, shit i believe i was the first on on that Rittz tape wit a good comment so yeah think before you open your dicksucker...shit go drink a natty ice an take whatever i say how you wanna take it idiot

All joke's a-side good tape.

All joke's a-side good tape.
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Fuck boy Hobby.

d wEEZY 1 wrote:
He's another white kid.
I just care about if dude can spit. Who cares if a kid is white or black, gangster, hipster, hard core or a fucking pretty boy rapper. Its about lyrics and delivery and the way someone spits in the mic. Do you just go around different music sites looking for white rappers to co sign (henderson)? Racist fag. You suck Hobby Hobson bka d wEEZY 1.

All white rappers

sound the same to me.
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All Screw post

are still garbage.. "There's a war going on outside"
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Go Screw, say "I can" use my ears when i want

a simple exemple (not too hard 4 you Screw) : listen to Yakballz, and after, Eminem if you don't feal a diference...try an other music (like some Metal, they are all white and scream). "There's a war going on outside"
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Looking foward 2 this

Looking foward 2 this Tape!! Blesses from Germany Howielikeit Ent http://www.youtube.com/howielikeitofficiel http://www.Facebook.com/Howielikeitofficiel
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LOL!! @ya'll

LOL Why ya'll had to go in on D Weezy like that?? he kool peepz he Just need to figure out how to get Mizzle to put his Potna'z tapes up so he wont take attention off otha kats tapes thats rude, i don't think nobody would mind if it's on a shitty Travis porter, Waka or Gucci Tape but not on somethin nig'z gone come and appreciate.
Im Just sayin.. If you them dudes marketing agents or promo team there's a better way of promoting ya clients.. Mizzle will listen to Marketing and Promo people's.. make sure u go money ready.
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All yall seriously need to

All yall seriously need to grow up. Most of yall take shit way too seriously. Prob the reason yall gon die young and stupid. Leave that beef shit alone, its dead. B.E.Z.