Kida - Who Is Kida


1. Grand Entrance (Produced By Focus...)
2. Who Is Kida (Produced By Wyldfyer)
3. To Whom It May Concern (Produced By Focus...)
4. Ten Rap Commandments... R.I.P B.I.G
5. Outta My Window (Produced By Young Rj)
6. I'm So Gone (Produced By Focus...)
7. Move Feat. Al Gator, Rapper Big Pooh (Produced By !llmind)
8. I Am In This Feat. V.O.A (Produced By Focus...)
9. Ahead Of You Feat. Focus... (Produced By Focus...)
10. Home Sweet Home (Produced By Seige)
11. Long Time Coming (Produced By Focus...)
12. Must Be Nice Feat. Focus... (Produced By Focus...)
13. Poorman's Hustla (Produced By Jake One)
14. Radio Feat. Nell (Produced By Dae One)
15. Sayin' Something (Produced By Focus...)
16. Set U Free (Produced By Mell & Dee)
17. You're The Best (Produced By Wyldfyer)
18. What Is It Now Feat. Dion (Produced By Focus...)
19. The Amazing Mr. Warmsley (Produced By Focus...)
20. The Endemic (Produced By Focus...)
21. We Made It (Remix) Feat. Marsha Ambrosius (Produced By Focus...)
22. Be Who U Are (Produced By Focus...)
23. Open Letter, Bring Them Home (Produced By C.Stylez)
24. Times Are Hard Feat Jay Sol (Produced By Focus...)

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d wEEZY 1's picture

???Who is Kida???

you tell me...

this go hard

Its produced by aftermath producer Focus.So with that being said i already new it would go hard.And just as i suspected it did.I been bumping this and the fabulous.To each his own though.
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about who the fuck is kida! Where is some Messy Marv, Yukmouth.....somebody! This web site releases the dumbest artists that I have never heard about and i'm in the west. Another thing is that the East and South section of this website come out with consistent mixtapes while the West Coast section comes out with two mixtapes every 2-3 months. What's the deal? $$$$$ ILL LEAVE IT UP TO KARMA. $$$$$
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They dont really drop that much Texas in this ho either. I know two other sites that drop new Texas music constantly everyday of the week! And here maybe once every two weeks. I dont know what the deal is??? I think money does the talkin here. Sometimes i see some bullshit azz garbage tapes stay uptop for weeks str8 like that stupid azz Ron Paul tape dat shit was str8 GARBAGE!
ReAl ShIt's picture

Yeah I know

They should have more Texas music on here too. I don't see too much on here most of the time. A lil keke tape here, a bun-b tape there. That is something else. But, it might just be the money thing, this web site gotta survive somehow and people need to get paid. So, I guess it works out for everybody except for the people that download from this web site and that's the problem. The Ron Paul tape was hella garbage though. $$$$$ ILL LEAVE IT UP TO KARMA. $$$$$