DJ Dolla Sign - King Of Bankhead (T.I. vs Shawty Lo)


01. 03:05 Shawty Lo - Dunn Dunn (T.I. Diss)
02. 04:02 T.I. Ft. Young Jeezy, And Rick Ross - Umma Do Me
(Shawty Lo Diss)
03. 04:34 Shawty Lo Feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, And Yung Joc -
I'm Da Man (Rmx)
04. 04:50 Shawty Lo Ft. Kinfolk Kia Shine - Wow (Rmx)
05. 02:44 Shawty Lo - Got Em For The Lo
06. 02:06 T.I. - King Is Back
07. 04:08 T.I. Ft. Young Buck, And Ludacris - Stomp
08. 03:32 T.I. Ft. Maino - What You Gonna Do
09. 03:42 T.I. Ft. Foxy Brown - In The Trap
10. 05:02 T.I. Ft. Lil Wayne, Scarface, And UTP - Big Dog Status
11. 03:55 Shawty Lo - You A Fool
12. 03:50 Shawty Lo Ft. Yung Joc, And Jody Breeze - Aww Yea
13. 03:58 Shawty Lo Ft. D4L - Bankhead
14. 04:16 T.I. Feat. P$C - Bankhead
15. 02:27 T.I. Ft. Busta Rhymes - Hurt
16. 00:36 T.I. - Connect The Dots
17. 03:21 Shawty Lo - Dope Boy Money
18. 02:46 Shawty Lo Ft. D4L - Rep My Zone
19. 04:26 Shawty Lo Ft. Jay-Z, And Rick Ross - Let's Get It
20. 00:55 Shawty Lo - Duffle Bag Boy
21. 03:01 T.I. Ft. Young Jeezy - I Got Money
22. 00:47 T.I. - Cannon
23. 01:03 T.I. - End Of The Road
24. 03:24 Shawty Lo Ft. D4L - Let's Ride
25. 03:28 Shawty Lo Ft. Ludacris, Young Jeezy, And Plies - Dey
Know (Rmx)

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This album is shit T.I. suck

This album is shit T.I. suck dick and so does Shawty Lo and this album proves it these niggaz ant got no talent

u suck a dick nigga

t.i is hottest one out of both of them shawty lo is aight. if you think different then u can my dick, ti dick, and shawty lo dick bitch. where the fuck you from anyway i betcha you ain't even from the south. so get off the souths dick we run this shit.

T.I. owns lo in everything.

come on who the fuck is shawty lo anyway

who gives a fuck they both

who gives a fuck they both suck cock but t.i. do go harder

who the fuck are you?

who the fuck are you?


ShawtyLo is Garbage! How Tha Fuck Is ShawtyLo On Record???? T.I. Does His Shit!


The only thing that TI ever made real hot was rubber band man,24's,and What u know about that SO PLEASE TELL ME HOW IN THE HELL THIS DUDE IS SO HOT????Shawty lo be doing his thing even if its just but a little at a time and bring that heat when he do it!Then this mug talking about he King and yall like a dummy believe this mf'er!What the hell he do that was so hot for him to say that he King???That shit make me mad as hell how small minded ppl is to believe everything what somebody can make up!

you stupid ass muthafuka

everything ti make is fire that nigga is the only muthafucka i know to have an record sellin of the shelve without no promotion. this nigga first cd i'm serious moved units without any fuckin promotion or radio play. shawty lo is hot and shit but he can't fuck with ti and if you think ti is so fake go watch hood 2 hood and see when they go to bankhead who take say really be doin shit they talk (t.i.) not shawty lo. go suck a dick bitch

I AGREE 100%...T.I. is a

I AGREE 100%...T.I. is a mainstream bitch that is runnin his mouth to the cops yeah how many felons u kno get busted wit dat many illegal guns n walkin around like its all good...fuck dat skinny crack headed bitch

You Agree...

First off, how many felons you know got over 50 million in there bank account? Second, He got to go to jail in march for a year, probation for another 10. He been on house arrest, You just as dumb as he is.. Ti might be the Third best rapper out the A (outkast) but he aint no snitch. listen to paper trail all the way through and then come back and tell me he aint killin shawty lo? like flip Game Over!!

Fool, Shut The Fuck Up!

Fool, Shut The Fuck Up! Shawty Lo Is A Low Budget Booty Rapper, With All his Shit Soundin' The Same! Garbage. And Fool I Am from The South!

ur a bitch who cares where

ur a bitch who cares where ur from jus keep suckin t.i.'s dick n ull be ok

shawty lo is tight, just

shawty lo is tight, just listen to Dey Know...luda did a remix with him...he didn't pick ti Luda is real down south before ti

get your facts right

You def aint from the ATL! if you were you would know dope boyz in the trap by TIP was played on 97.5 by chris lova lova aka ludacris. so get your facts right this is Ti city just like jay z says men lie woman lie numbers dont.Lo sold 66 000 wow ti sold that in a hour.and for luda yea he tight and give tip a run for his money but luda aint from the streets, no struggle he was a dj! for a mainstream radio station who got the world screamin bankhead? tip did not luda and sure as hell no laffy taffy ass shawty lo

bro yall don't know shit

bro yall don't know shit bout real

Fuck A ShawtyLo!

Fuck A ShawtyLo!

This ain't even a real

This ain't even a real beef....these niggas ain't buddies but none of these songs are directed at the other.....

t.i is tha real nigga in

t.i is tha real nigga in tha game

ya real from riverdale and

ya real from riverdale and not bankhead...see him bullshiting on mtv in bankhead

Less shawty lo better

Less shawty lo better mixtape thx you and good night

shawty lo my nigga ti is to

shawty lo my nigga ti is to one things rep u from big up to all my haters

learn to speak and spell

shawty lo my nigga ti is to one things rep u from big up to all my haters »Is this supposed to be english? What does it mean? Are you drunk? T.I. is the King of the South, and if you don't believe it then I don't care for your opinion. Shawty Lo is lame. God bless you T.I.

Fucking clueless...

For one thang Dumbass, Shawty Lo aint a rapper, so he aint gotta be lyrical. That nigga movin weight and units nigga. And his mixtape shit go hard. Obviously you aint from the south fuck nigga. T.I....he go hard but I aint gonna say shit bout him cuz thats betweent that nigga and Shawty Lo. And Gucci Mane too bitch...bump him all day...holla

the last message that was

the last message that was wrote was said best. the rest of yall not from the street and cant relate to shit u don't understand nor do nor see done. who sucks is the ones not of the street listening to these fake rappers. street niggaz not rappers. we trappers and not everyone that rap about it live it. real recognize real so sorry to say yall not real. but once again the last comment was the best and true