Kool AD (of Das Racist) – 51


01 Kool A.D. - 51 (Amaze 88 Intro)
02 Kool A.D. - Electrum [Prod. By Illingsworth]
03 Kool A.D. - La Piñata [Prod. By Amaze 88]
04 Kool A.D. - Oooh (Feat. Main Attrakionz) [Prod. By Amaze 88]
05 Kool A.D. - Arrested Development (Feat. Kassa) [Prod. By Ketchphrase]
06 Kool A.D. - Ticky Tacky (Feat. Main Attrakionz & Green Ova) [Prod. By Young L]
07 Kool A.D. - Manny Pacquiao [Prod. By Trackademics]
08 Kool A.D. - California Music Channel (Feat. Trackademics) [Prod. By Trackademics]
09 Kool A.D. - Powerrefinement Knowledge [Prod. By Kool A.D.]
10 Kool A.D. - Donda [Prod. By Amaze 88]
11 Kool A.D. - Biz Vs. Nudge
12 Kool A.D. - Damien Hirst (Feat. Mondrem.A.N. & Dope G) [Prod. By Young L]
13 Kool A.D. - Town Business (Feat. Mondrem.A.N., Trackademicks & Dope G) [Prod. By Trackademicks]
14 Kool A.D. - Leverage (Feat. Boots Riley) [Prod. By Amaze 88]
15 Kool A.D. - Gentry [Prod. By Kool A.D.]
16 Kool A.D. - Tv Eye [Prod. By Amaze 88]
17 Kool A.D. - No [Prod. By Amaze 88]
18 Kool A.D. - The Robbery [Prod. By Amaze 88]
19 Kool A.D. - A Milli [Prod. By Kool A.D.]
20 Kool A.D. - A Different World (Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Himanshu) [Prod. By Mike Finito]
21 Kool A.D. - Al Green [Prod. By Kool A.D. & Daniel Lynas]
22 Kool A.D. - Island High Cypher (Amaze 88 Outro)

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henderson's picture

This is pure trash right

This is pure trash right here! I was expecting better but to be fare not as to hurt no one's feelings! To each it's own.
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This must be trash given the

This must be trash given the fact that you listen to everything up to Nick Cannon lol