DJ Kool Kid And Gravy - Notorious Gravy

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01. Gravy & Kool Kid - Intro 00:24
02. Gravy - Kool Kid Freestyle 02:36
03. Gravy - Im Da Shit 03:34
04. Gravy - Hold Da Fuc Up 02:48
05. Gravy - Freestyle (feat. Nas) 03:47
06. Gravy - Holla Holla 03:26
07. Gravy - 3 On 3 Freestyle (feat. Red Cafe, Q Da Kid) 04:54
08. Gravy - Brooklyn Bullshit (feat. Red Cafe) 04:34
09. Gravy - Freestyle (feat. Stack Bundles) 03:19
10. Gravy - Who Put The Batteries In 03:09
11. Gravy - We Grinding (feat. Gravy & Lil' Flip) 04:28
12. Gravy - Freestyle (feat. J Hood) 03:45
13. Gravy & Kool Kid - Im Out 02:34
14. Gravy - Bonus 00:55

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i think gravy did a real

i think gravy did a real good job as BIG

big up

NEW YORKS TAKEN THE THROWN BACK i agree. i dont think anyone could have played biggy any beter.
tray53's picture

yeah he did good in that

yeah he did good in that movie. now lets see if this nigga can rap *COOGI DOWN TO THE SOCKS*


lol @ "Lets see if he can rap" you noobie mother fucker! He was rapping WAYYYY before NOTORIOUS he sucks at acting too..
I h8 rappers's picture

Gravy should go out on top and kill himself now...

Yup, everyone on Gravy dick cause he played BIG but he been garbage at rapping since way back. Dont let Hollywood fool yall... "Johannes Mehserle must die!!!"

Stupid Dj

First I would like to say I never comment online, too many lames tryin to talk tough on tha internet. But this pissed me off, I don't know anythang about this gravy dude, tryin to give em a chance and this wack ass dj keeps restartin tha song over, with some kid ass sound affects, ARGHHHHHHHHHHH. Jus play the damn song through, worse than dj drama SHUT UP!! Anyways this comment was for dj kool aid, not any listeners. Number 3 is kinda tight, if you can get past all the noise and talkin and shoutin. Dj kool aid @!$%@&#!@#&*^%