Leak Jones Presents - The Weezy Effect 2 (Starring Lil Wayne)


01 Intro
02 My Name Is LEAK JONES
03 New Orleans Magic
04 Rap Cemetary
05 Every Girl
06 Rock Star
07 Yes
08 Murk off 09 (Prod. By YP)
09 Im at War
10 Loser (Remix)
11 Lil Wayne ft. Jae Millz & Mack Maine - Thank You
12 Unstoppable (Remix)
13 Always Strapped
14 Ay Man
15 Louisanimal (50 Cent Diss)
16 AK 47
17 Renaissance Rap (remix)
18 Blame It (Rmx)
19 Prom Queen
20 Hot Revolver
21 Red Rum
22 Lift It Up
23 Hello World
24 Breaktime
25 Tool on Deck (YP Mix)
26 Gucci Land (Exclusive off Gucci Land Mix Cd)
27 T-Pain & Lil Wayne - Snap Your Fingaz

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iDontSpitiVomit's picture

leak jones 08' late shit lol

iDonT SPiT i VoMiT says:: dis dude late az fuk i/we heard all dis shyt already in 08 lmao!!....come on hot revolver by lil wayne?!?!?! bytch dat was on drought is over 6 back in 08 step ur game up mixtape guy.
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lol, in case you fell asleep for a couple of months then peep this OLD shit i dont let 'em swallow / i show em' how to use it man
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kudos on his cover art game

kudos on his cover art game but thats about as far as he gets prop-wise


that is some pro artwork right there