DJ Klapton - The Beast & The Hustla 5 (Lil Wayne Vs Cassidy)


1.Lil Wayne Ft. Cassidy & Joe Cocker-Misunderstood
2.Cassidy Ft. Lil Wayne-Get More Money
3.Lil Wayne-Not Love
5.Lil Wayne-I'm @ War
6.Cassidy-Gun Shopping
7.Lil Wayne-Rap Cemetary
8.Cassidy-24 Hours
9.Lil Wayne-I'm Winning
10.Cassidy-You Ain't Live It
11.Lil Wayne-N.O. Maniac
12.Cassidy-Where's Cass @?
13.Lil Wayne-Renaissance Rap
14.Cassidy-No Hook
15.Lil Wayne-Rock Star
16.Cassidy-Attitude Problem
17.Lil Wayne-My Name Is
18.Cassidy-Get That Bread
19.Lil Wayne-Street Life
20.Cassidy-Never Lie
21.Lil Wayne Ft. Pharrell-Ay Man
22.Cassidy Ft. Cory Gunz-Body Bags
23.Lil Wayne-Breaktime
24.Cassidy-Apply Pressure
25.Lil Wayne-Loser
26.Cassidy-They Shook
27.Lil Wayne-Story Telling
28.Cassidy Ft. Murda Mook-Expect The Unexpected
29.Lil Wayne-Ak-47
30.Cassidy-Damn I Look
31.Lil Wayne-Louisanimal
32.Cassidy-Forgot About Me
33.Lil Wayne ft. The Game-Red Magic
34.Cassidy Ft. Flash-Rider

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is the man!
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Larsiny Family !!!

I thought the bull Cass had all ready murder this clown.