Lil Flip & DJ Cobwebb - Mr. I Dont Kiss A$$ (Da Mixtape)


Flip released this via his site and I don't see a track list currently available but I'll update this post when I find it. If you have it hit me up or post it in the comments.

mridontkissass.torrent31.53 KB

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that boy flip came back nice

that boy flip came back nice tape need 2 put that underground legend 2 on here that bitch go hard
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Anyone Got

Anyone Got a Torrent link for that underground legend 2??
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gt this link instead

naw but i got a megaupload link
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Thanks 4 Dat (-_-)

who cares wrote:
naw but i got a megaupload link
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I fucks with flip!

Keep hitting them where it hurt flip!! Nigga's on YouTube talking bout flip ain't hot no more! He never cooled off to me! Johnny C
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hustlin again

flip fell off but give the nigga credit he's a southside legend. niggas on the grind again. say haters: "i'm in love with my state, yes i am. how they feel about texas, i don't give a damn." -zro
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Flip makin a come back statement with this one, 7/10
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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fuck dem hustler haters...... Ya nigga flip on his grind hard dan ah mutha fucka this tape is worth the D/L here••••this tape goes out to them ass kissn niggas on this site you know who you are••no need for name dropn....1.scarface(geto boys) 2.bun b(ugk)rip pimp 3.cham 4.slim thug 5.flip 6.trae the truth 7.twisted black 8.ganksta nip 9.point blank 10.crime boss texas heavy hitters my fav and the ones I didn't name they ok I'm outta here ONE {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤

Its good its just its over

Its good its just its over compressed..sound quality is not very good at all only 44mb or sumin for 24songs LOL FUCKERS
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I knew Flip was up to somethin droppin all this new joints. This one is actually pretty decent. I think he sounds better screwed up so if anybody have this joint lazed up hit me up!

his Dj suits him cuz all his

his Dj suits him cuz all his shit has cobwebbs on them cuz hes bunk! lil flip sucks lil dick

Naw I'll Pass

This nigga is the epidemy of lame. I ain;t fuckin wit it.
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Not complete garbage...

This is ok....Track 2 he sounds like a tame Luda with a wish i was Wayne sorta flow even with the faggot ass giggle shit...nothing really bangs on this or stands out to me...but its not terrible