B.G. and DJ Hektik - Live from Chopper City


1. B.G. Speaks On It
2. Bang For Bang
3. Uptown Gangsta (Featuring VL Mike & Ziggy)
4. Husslin (Featuring Snipe)
5. B.G. Speaks On It, Pt. 2
6. I'm Ya Supplier (Featuring Rick Ross)
7. Make Em Mad (Chopper City Boyz Single)
8. Ziggy Speaks On I
9. When You Hear That (Hakizzle)
10. If You Want It (Featuring VL Mike)
11. B.G. Speaks On It, Pt. 3
12. Da Comeback Kid
13. Ziggy Speaks On It, Pt. 2
14. What's Happenin' (Remix) (Featuring Juvenile & Mannie Fresh)
15. Collect Call from O.G.
16. It Take A Lot
17. C Murder Speaks On It
18. What You Lookin' @ (Featuring Swizz Beats)
19. In 2 Deep (Featuring Lac & Hakizzle)
20. I Got Mine (Featuring DJ Whoo Kid & Young Buck)
21. B.G. R.I.P. 2 Solja Slim
22. Caught Up In The Street (Featuring Ziggy)
23. DJ Hektik R.I.P. Dedication Mix To Solja Slim
24. Cannon (Featuring VL Mike)
25. Ziggy Closin The Curtains/B. Gizzle Freestyle (Raw Aza Muthafucka)

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