Magnolia Boyz - The Power & The Money (Hosted By DJ 5150)


01 Magnolia Boyz Intro
02 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Lil Wayne Power & Money
03 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Birdman Money & The Power
04 Magnolia Boyz Feat. B.G. & Magnolia Chop Fck You
05 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Wacko & Magnolia Chop Play With My Paper
06 Magnolia Boyz Throw Money
07 Magnolia Boyz Job Done
08 Magnolia Boyz Feat. B.G. Raised With Killers
09 Magnolia Boyz Hard Times
10 Magnolia Boyz Respect Game
11 Magnolia Boyz Feat. B.G. Real Round Here
12 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Wacko & Magnolia Chop Same Ol Shit
13 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Curren$y Blow Something
14 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Magnolia Chop Blinded
15 Magnolia Boyz Shake It Up
16 Magnolia Boyz What It Do
17 Magnolia Boyz Moving
18 Magnolia Boyz Came To Far
19 Magnolia Boyz Fuck Da Game Up
20 Magnolia Boyz Sacrifice
21 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Birdman Sun Do Shine
22 Magnolia Boyz Feat. Birdman Shine
23 Magnolia Boyz Rip Magnolia

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This should be good

This should be good, I wonder if they moved back from Houston yet, heard almost everything they was putting out on their Myspace and Youtube pages, they worked hard marketing themselves glad all the big money Locals helping out the small up n comers even though MR. Marcelo put this together he wasn't that big enough of a name to a lot of people but thats what i been wanting to see nigga'z giving back, Curren$y and B.G even endorsing them on this i know they ain't playin around now.. where's Juvi? I can already tell you they bring back that Ol'e school Nawlins grime rap style, imma check this out to see if they keepin it gutta.
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Aiight i listened..

Aiight i listened..
First two tracks sound like they should be the same songs, or coulda put Wayne and Baby verse on the first track, it didn't make sense to have two tracks saying the samething..
3rd track is a remix of "fuck you" from the B.G last mixtape, it's basically the same song but extra versus over a new beat, sound real decent, everybody did a good job spittin, i want the Accapella tho because i got a beat i made they would sound real good ova
5, naw, pass.., 6, beat was not good! wrong snare and drum's.. imma have to find a way to contact them to let them hear my beats, 7 was ok, the flow was meh.
Track 8 is EPIC!!! thats going straight to the Zune, 9 reminds me of somethin i listened to in the 90's.. they brought it waaay back with the beat, the flow, the delivery the style, ol'e Partner n Crime, Willie Pucket style lol goes on the zune..
10 got that same feel, young kats into that Circus trap wont know nothin bout this Gutta street shit.. Stick to Waka if this one goes over yo head
11, heard it a long time ago, might be new to some of ya'll tho.. , 12, The beat goes TOO HARD, but that damn Wacko need to shut the fuck up and let these nigga's rap, just make the beat and shut the fuck up nigga!!!!!
13, Curren$y and MB making smooth weed music.. lol.. this for the weed heads..
14, skip it., 15, skip it, 16, skip it, 17, it's ok, skipped most of it, 18, sound like an old eastcoast beat they rappin over, but it's ok, 19, Nigga's went deep on it. nice track.. 20, Eastcoast sound.. They displaying lyrical ability on this one, nigga's just flowed all over this..
I'll give it my rating of about 6/10 had to skip too many tracks and i know i heard a couple of these before.. overall good tape.
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mayne this shit jamm

aye this is a killa lil mixtape. u got all of N.O. finest on one CD i really dg the song with B.G. he sound so classic. POapa rau sound like the old cash money no limit dayz dang if you from LA this is a must DL and jam. real nigga shit bang bang lol