DJ 5150 & B.G. - Uptown Veteran


1. To The Top
2. Rollin Ft Magnolia Chop
3. Keep It 100 Ft Magnolia Chop
4. Flippin
5. Gangstas Ft Scarface
6. Move
7. Blow
8. Murder Ft Juvenile
9. Caught It
10. Paid Mine
11. The Streetz Ft Soulja Slim
12. 5 0 4
13. Ballin Ft Chopper City Boys
14. Gizzle
15. Strap Up
16. Drag Em
17. Give It Up
18. What U Thought
19. Come Serve Me Ft Soulja Slim (Rip)
20. Gats

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that real baby gangster shit

that real baby gangster shit

new or old

is this new shit or WHAT?

NOWE DATS WHats im talking

NOWE DATS WHats im talking bout we need more B.gizzle mixtapes this niga is gonna blow for a fact u niggaz heard the song ya heard me thats gonna be His breakthrough this nigga gonna blow and if dat happens allot of rappers are gonna be in trouble \ the most sickest street rapper i have heard since pac, Gizzle take it ova no one does it betta than u when ure talking bout the streetz man too hood to be hollywood Nigga owe me some money and the track Stay strapped and Champion OOH noh nigga cope the 2 hood to be hollywood if u Real nigga faka niggaz reconize fake Real reconize real Ya heard me.
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GET THIS ONE.. Finally some new shit.. the 2 i did hear have new beats on it so it feels like new tracks. this is nice....

plies went to college hes

plies went to college hes fake b.g should sell out hes one of the best lyricist its shame hes keeping to real oh and this cd is bangin track 8 and 10