Makin Moves Presents Max B - That Tsunami Wave Pt 4


01 Max B - Intro Acapella
02 Max B , Currency - Living The Life
03 Max B - White Wine
04 Max B, Al Pac - White Lines
05 Max B, French, H.Fergie - Im So Wavy Rmx (New Verse)
06 Max B - Put Me Down
07 Max B - Fucks With Your Baby
08 Max B , Jus Saprano - Get Money
09 Max B - Vice City
10 Max B , Al Pac , Mack Mustard - R.I.P Sean Bell
11 Max B , French - Born And Raised (New Verse)
12 Max B - Look Good
13 Max B - Harlem To Ohio
14 Max B - Friends
15 Blaksmif - Encore
16 H. Fergie, Rafioso , R Hood - Ride Till We Die
17 Max B - 1St Of The Month
18 Max B , French - Swag On
19 Max B - Swag City
20 Max B - Feeling It
21 Max B - Rainy Dayz
22 Max B - Made Me Do
23 Max B - Lip Singing

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Free Max B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My boy max even though I heard most of these tracks imma still keep it. Follow me Follow me take a Journey with the boy oh boy i see stizzie he bought another toy!!! FREE MAX BIGGAVELI┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐


JBlack Of EastSide Raleigh's picture

yea free max!

max would of blew up, his flo was really on another level. And he was bout to start fuckin wit curren$y and beanie sigel on a trio type mixtape. French montana holdin it down tho.

Free Max B

This dude got a sick flow can't be denied. And if he's really going to work with currency in the future they'd make some nasty tracks. Biggavelli bitches :p Deeper than most
dninc's picture

Highly respected

Dude gets respect everywhere.. hope he fights and wins an overturn in that 75 year conviction, otherwise we'll never get this brotha back.. But i have a feelin he gettin all that time because he aint snitchin to the fedz, it's a shame really that the true folk involved gonna let B fall that hard on that conviction..
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I didn't really like this too much. Prolly cause its not really the kind of music i listen to on a regular. Sounds like something i can listen to every now and then but not all the way thru cd or on repeat. Couple tracks i like were "Living the life", "White Wine","White Lines","Born and Raised", and "Lip Singing" Other than that the other track's flo sounded same to me. kinda boring in a way. I can only stand about 20 secs of tracks. I guess its the kinda music that grows on ya.
cam_miAmi1's picture

i agree

yea i could never get into max b...not that he sucks or anything,same goes for gucci.