Makin Moves - That Tsunami Wave 2 (Hosted By Max B)


1. Franknino, Max B - Intro
2. Blaksmif- Deperados
3. Max B, French- Been Around The World (New)
4. Max B, Styles P- Killaz
5. Max B, French- U Need Security
6. Max B- Try Me
7. Max B, Meeno- Goon Music
8. Max B, Page- Pimpin
9. Max B, French, Skyhigh- Call My Connect Rmx
10. Max B- Live Comfortable
11. Max B- Baby I Wonder
12. Max B- Where Do I Go
13. Max B- Dont U See
14. Max B- Boss Don
15. Max B- On My A Game
16. Max B- Playin For Keeps
17. Max B- No No No
18. Max B- Go Go Go
19. Max B- Tatoos On Her Ass
20. Max B,French- Sippin Grand Cru
21. Max B,French- Disturb Money
22. Max B- Lean

tsunamiwave2.torrent15.92 KB


Ride that wave

Im bout to blow me a dub

Im bout to blow me a dub

I got that Fire

Come 2 MIYAYO kid we got that pure fire work down here, get your dubs worth

what you got, you aint got

what you got, you aint got shit


old tape same shittt@!