Marsha Ambrosius - Yours Sincerely


1 Intro
2 Let Me Go
3 Put It On Rpt. Feat Angelique
4 She Don't Matter
5 This Love Feat. Glenn Lewis
6 Storm
7 Glass
8 Take Care

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Flo Tight

This the chick from Floetry. They tight tho. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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I 2nd his quote

this CD, minus 1 song, is the shit. hell, I will bump this before i will fuck with any other chick out there. INCLUDING THAT BYTCH BEYONCE :d
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I fucks with I

I fucks with I fucks with this mixtape(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)

Straight up

Down Load this.
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"Put It On Repeat"

That song is the shit! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Put this shyt on Repeat. Storm is the shyt on this cd. mane, my winamp count is @ 30 and counting.

hot tape

this tape is kinda mad she aint do it with Don Cannon like the first mixtape. but this is still hot though [aye yurp]


That's all I have to say ...... Marsha


That's what I'm talkin' about ...... I'm feelin' all these tracks.