Masspike Miles - Say Hello To Forever


01 - Say Hello To Forever (Prod By Dj Pain)
02 - Priceless Ft Raekwon (Prod By Roc & Mayne)
03 - Let You Go (Prod By Xtreme Beatz)
04 - Candystore (Roc & Mayne)
05 - Love Come Down (Prod Roc & Mayne)
06 - Imperfections Ft Fred The Godson (Prod By Bassline)
07 - Shattered Picture Ft Torch (Y-Not Of The Sound Smith)
08 - Promise Land Interlude (Prod By Masspike Miles)
09 - Hard Rain Ft Smoke Bulga And Lo-K3Y (Prod By Red On The Beat Sarah J)
10 - Departed (Prod Mike Mulah For The Hip Hop Frat House)
11 - Moonwalk Ft J Rell (Prod By Cozmo)
12 - Cover Me Im Goin In] (Prod Frankinstien)
13 - Flatline Ft Wiz Khalifa (Prod By Cardiak Sarah J)

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This dude on some real shit.

This dude on some real shit. This is must download.