Cutmaster C - Farewell To The Summer (Publicity Stunts...)

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01. Jadakiss - Intro 04:15
02. Uncle Murder - Dear Summer (GMG, Roc, True Stories) 02:10
03. Uncle Murder, Wyclef, Mavado - Informer 04:43
04. Nore, Swizz Beats - Set It Off 03:10
05. Young French - Straight Cash (Cocaine City, True Sto 03:55
06. Maine, Street Poets - Freestyle (Maineman, True Stor 01:54
07. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo - Southside (Dissin 04:14
08. 50 Cent - Part Time Lover (Dissin Lil Wayne) 04:11
09. 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks - On Some Shit 03:34
10. Mazaradi Fox, Dumouts - Freestyle (G-Unit, Dumouts) 02:25
11. Lil Wayne, Collie Buddz - Back To The Money 02:52
12. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy - Duffle Bag (Remix) 03:11
13. Kanye West, Lil Wayne - Barry Bonds 03:29
14. Nas, Cee-Lo - Im Here 03:19
15. Hell Rell - Show Off 04:15
16. Maine AKA Maniac - Freestyle 01:48
17. Jadakiss - Freestyle 03:03
18. Chedder Boy - Grip Up 02:16
19. Game, Snoop, Dre - New Day 04:23
20. Keyshia Cole, Young Dro, T.I. - Let It Go (Remix) 03:41
21. Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke - All Nite Long 03:39
22. 50 Cent, Robin Thicke - Follow My Lead 03:15
23. Skryptrs - Freestyle 03:41
24. Uncle Murder - Summer Outro (For The Djs) 02:15

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GOD-DAMN Same Shi Different Day, Dey keep on Puttin 50 n Wayne on every Fukin CD...i Think Its Time For some new Shi Of YA-BOY or some SICK New Rapper to Hit Tha LIST!

KANYE WEST IS GONN LOSE PEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KING 50 NEW ALBUM IS SICK PEEP A LINE A DIS RAW!!!!! RUN RUN TILL YOUR SPUN/ 1 SHOT 1 GUN/ 1 9/ 1 1 emergency ITS MURDER B/ its excellent execution when im pulling the trigger/ no mistake for the cake im hitting you and your niggas/ feel the flame when i aim/ for the top of your brain/ see the spark it ell bang/nigga shit aint a game/ do the math with the blast/ bullets go through the glass/ go through your ass fast/ in leather seats on the ave/ its not a war when the casualties on 1 side/ i ride/ turn it up on you niggas after jake ride by/ i click clack thats that 2ND SONG MAN DOWN I DROP A BAG OFF/ THEN LET A MAGG OFF/ THE HEKLER AND KOCH EL TEAR HALF OF YOUR ASS OFF/ IM NOT FOR THE GAMES/ IM NOT FOR ALL THE PLAYN/ THE HOLLOW TIPS ELL RAIN/ WHEN I UNLEASH THE PAIN/ GET THE MESSAGE FROM THE LINES/ OR GET THE MESSAGE FROM THE 9/ PAINT A PICTURE WITH WORDS YOUR COULD SEE WHEN I SHINE/ PUT MY BACK ON THE WALL NOW NIGGA WATCH ME GO FOR MINE/ I LET 21 SHOTS OFF A THE SAME TIME YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STILL WILL KILL VERSE 50 CENTS BACK I COULD GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYBODY SAYS

give it up

ok dj connect scratch its deff time to get off 50's nuts god damn especially with all ur capital letters and shit give it up 50 used to put all hot tracks out but now hes like the michael jordan of baseball its just not what hes meant to do which i mean the r&b singin shit
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Fa ReAlZ !!

Fa RealZ scratch ... it'z not that serious. What, is 50 milkin' on ya face or what B? Da dude is str8 GARRBAGE !!! you'll get a wiff sooner or later ... hop off B
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I find it funny

the name of the mixtape is publicity stunt and 50 and uncle manslaughter are on the cover, couldn't have hit the nail on the head harder if you tried, these fraud type dudes