Max Profit & DJ Thrillkill - Real Life & Toronto Knights 2


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01. Blame The City Ft. (Van Hill Prod. By Don Kevo)
02. Chill Chill Chill Ft. (Joey Zaza)
03. Seen It All Ft. (Mr Fame)
04. Higher Ft. (Van Hill)
05. Keep It Lo Ft. (Van Hill)
06. Got It Good Ft. (Oppz,q-Mattic Prod. By Thrillkill Got Em)
07. Covered In Polo
08. Roll Up (We Dem Boyz)
09. Survival Prod. By (Thrillkill Got Em)
10. H.O.O.F. Kingdom Ft. (Kway Deniro)
11.Friday Mawnin Ft. (Finn,mr.Fame,notlam,joey Zaza Prod. By Sp Snooze)
12. What You Gonna Do Ft. (Finn,sibbsroc Prod. By Thrillkill Got Em
13. Itz Me Ft. (Finn)
14. Baking Profit Ft. (Sibbsroc)

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