Kway Deniro - Apollo 1 Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Dean Martian)


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01. Can You Feel It
02. H.O.O.F Set Ft. Fame, Sibbs Roc, Q Mattic
03. High-N-Site
04. Same O Ft. Sibbs Roc, Q Mattic
05. Cokane
06. Blue Magik
07. Shottas Ft. Q Mattic
08. Satellite Buzz
09. Floatin
10. Zoom Out
11. New Stars
12. It's The Policy
13. Maintian
14. Vamoose
15. Nightshift
16. Swazy Ft. Sibbs Roc, Oppz Kente', Q Mattic
17. Rich One Day Ft. Oppz Kente'
18. Dream Ft. Oppz Kente', Sibbs Roc
19. Fly Ft. Oppz Kente'
20. Night To Remember
21. Some Day Ft. Oppz Kente'

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5/10 liked track 4s instros, could of been better with a better dj, amateurish, lyrics dont appeal too much