Max Profit as The Mack MegaCity Edtion


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01. Shining Through Feat. Dyna-Mite
02. The Death Of Fly
03. The Bottom Chick (Skit)
04. Lay Back
05. A Lil' Gooming (Skit)
06. Leather Seats & Kush Feat. Slang Hugh,mr.Fame
07. These Other Cats (Skit)
08. My Dancer Girl
09. Balance (Skit)
10. Don't You Say No
11. Pancakes & Honey Feat. Dyna-Mite,blay,slang Hugh,stokely
12. One Of The Sharpest (Skit)
13. Three's A Lucky Number
14. A Very Lo Summer (Skit)
15. That's What You Get Feat. Mr. Fame
16. Money & Women
17. Preach (Skit)
18. Yours & Mine Feat. Dyna-Mite
19. No Heros (Skit)
20. Max Vs. Marvin Feat. Marvin Gaye
21. Willie Hutch (Outro)

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