DJ Khaled & Maff Test - Big Bizness Mixtape Vol 1

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01 Stewie (Intro)
02 Absense
03 Be
04 They Kno
05 Big Bizness
06 Chris Rock (Media Skit)
07 Sexi Can I
08 Bossville
09 I'm Gon Tell
10 Crack House
11 Marvin Gaye (Die 2Nite Skit)
12 We Out Here
13 Watch Me
14 Frank Sinatra (My Way Skit 1)
15 Frank Sinatra (My Way Skit 2)
16 Flip Rock
17 Frank Sinatra (My Way Skit 3)
18 Sucka (Lolli Pop Remix)
19 Do Thangs
20 Nayborhood (Skit)
21 Sumthin New
22 Nigga Work Song (Skit)
23 I Know
24 Franks Sinatra (My Way Skit 4)
25 The Boss
26 There He Go
27 Been Paid
28 Frank Sinatra (My Way Skit 5)
29 Doin Me
30 Aint No Way
31 4 Stretch

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Is this even good?

Can some1 tell me if this mixtape is even any good?
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I hate when this bitch azz niggaz ask othe ppl to d/l shit for them cuz they too fkn lazy to do it themselves. Why dont you d/l this shit and let US know if iz good or not??? WTF you think we here to plz your bitch azz!!!
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Bro get a real fuckin computer and internet connection . Dude spoke the truth . Your that fuckin lazy i hope u dont ask people to wipe your ass . Man i down load these fuckin mix tracks in under 6 mins . Dont like it i erase it . Its that simple !!!!! Slowest down loads i erase cause no one is seeding !!!
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Shit I found a Too Short

Shit I found a Too Short mixtape on here from 06 that took 3 days to finish downloading, but it was worth the wait!! And what if we say this is garbage but it would be the greatest thing he ever heard, if dude has a high pitched voice like Bossie I wont make it 30 seconds into the tape. But alot of people like Bossie, I guess dude cant form his own opinion and need MTV to tell him what music is good.