Mic Handz - Say You Ain't Know


01 Sayyouaintknow (Prod. By The Artzmen)
02 Stay Givin It Up (Feat. Sean Price) [Prod. By Nickel Plated]
03 We Gon Give It Up (Feat. Treach) [Prod. By Tommy 2 Face]
04 All I Know (Feat. Rockness Monstah) [Prod. By Alterbeats]
05 Bodega (Skit) [Feat. Innocent ] (Prod. By Mic Handz)
06 Dem Nukkahs (Feat. Innocent ) [Prod. By Nickel Plated]
07 Dead & Gone (Feat. Ajay) [Prod. By Boes]
08 Convertible Flow (Feat. Mims) [Prod. By Khaliphat]
09 Lucky Handz (Feat. Lady Luck) [Prod. By Tommy 2 Face]
10 Right Where You Stand (Freestyle) [Prod. By Dj Premier]
11 In The Streets Again (Feat. Dj Modesty) [Prod. By Alterbeats]
12 What I'm Made Of (Feat. Billionz) [Prod. By Xyayx]
13 Dempeopledem (Feat. Lieght) [Prod. By Mic Handz]
14 It Goes Down (Feat. Lieght & Rockness Monstah) [Prod By Mr. Khalil]
15 Modern Warfare 4 (Prod. By Fantom Of The Beat)
16 Spit Crazy (Freestyle) [Prod. By Draggz]
17 Money Talks (Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq) [Prod. By The Artzmen]
18 Serenade (Feat. Lee Majors) [Prod. By Crazy Dj Bizzaro]
19 We Organized (Feat. Ace Sinna) [Prod. By Fantom Of The Beat]
20 Lissenup (Feat. A.N.G. & The Voice) [Prod. By Chris 'traxx' Rogers]
21 Keepin On (Feat. General Steele & Herbert Adams) [Prod. By Lyve 10H]
22 Shock The World (Freestyle) [Prod. By Automatik]
23 Finally Made It (Feat. Big Daddy Kane) [Prod. By John 'jayd' Daniels]

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