Mick Boogie Presents Buggs Tha Rocka - Hip Hop Supa Hero

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1. Supa Hero Intro
2. The Arcade
3. Good-Day
4. Zero Tolerance
5. Doin' It Rite
6. Hip Hop Ressurrection
7. Goin In
8. Pourin Rain Ft. Monty Burns
9. New Skool
10. Outer Space Love
11. Lyrical Chaos
12. Paid In Full Ft. Ilyas Of Tanya Morgan
13. Da Illest Ft. Fe'licia Jole
14. 4 Da Love Of Money
15. Industry Savior 2.0
16. Recognize
17. Finally Here Ft. Fe' Licia Jole
18. Ms. Hip Hop
19. Neva Know

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Good shit

Im gonna watch this rapper hes nice.. definite downlaod.
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He Gets An "E" for Effort

This cat is from Cincinatti, OH. This is definitely not for down south heads, west coast niggas, or screwheads. I wouldn't call homie wack but the best tracks are the 1's with other people on it wit' him. I don't think he could sell much tryin' 2 hold down an album by his self. He's tryin' 2 avoid the norm & for that I applaud him but I wouldn't bump his shit. Overall, I'm not mad for listening. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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nigga u give him props then u say u wouldnt bump his shyt. which one is't??? just keep you fucking mouth shut and dont say nothin at all.
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Don't get mad @ me just because I let yo' lil' dumb, ignorant ass have it in The Cartel And Young Jeezy - The Mixtape Monster 2 comments. I gave dude props because it was a nice effort. I wouldn't bump his shit because it's not for me. Grown men don't have a problem with giving a compliment to another brother when they see somebody doing good. Get yourself together young 'un. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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u let me have wut nigga?? u never touched me dawg. computer tuffie, if we had beef on the street i would hunt your lil troll lookin azz all up n down the block til i find ya azz! then stomp your lil big head midget azz like a cockroach!!!
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You just proved to the whole MixTape community how much of an ignorant youth you are. Stay in school and grow up to be somebody. peace. [Waving automatic guns at nuns since 1989]