DJ Dirty Money Presents Supa Villain & Critic - Lion Kings: Revolutionaries


01 - Supa Villain Critic-King(Produced By Supa Villain)
02 - Supa Villain Critic-Stand For Something(Prduced By Yoshie)
03 - Supa Villain Critic-Picture Me On Top(Produced By Supa Villain)
04 - Supa Villain Critic- I Wont Slip-(Produced By Yoshie)
05 - Supa Villain Critic Feat Bray-Real Niggas(Produced By Supa Villain)
06 - Supa Villain Critic Feat Bray-Put Da Sipp On (Produced By Supa Villain)
07 - Supa Villain Critic-Bounce Back(Produced By Bounce Back)
08 - Supa Villain Critic-Glory(Produced By Supa Villain)
09 - Supa Villain Critic-Owls-(Produced By Supa Villain)
10 - Supa Villain Critic Feat Frost-What Make You Better Than Me(Produced By Supa Villain)
11 - Supa Villain Critic Feat Astin Kush-Like Lions(Produced By Supa Villain)

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wonder if this one is better

wonder if this one is better than purp and barny. that shot was fire. 1 at a time!