Mickey Factz - thedarkphoenix: ALPHA


01 Mickey Factz - Sunrise
02 Mickey Factz - Amnesia
03 Mickey Factz - Turn It Up
04 Mickey Factz - Still I Rise
05 Mickey Factz - Ashes
06 Mickey Factz - Secrets That Destroy
07 Mickey Factz - Contenplations Of Kings
08 Mickey Factz - Sunset

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Production and lyricism are

Production and lyricism are both on point. you gotta get this
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wtf is this pink floyd???
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Good ass tape right here! I

Good ass tape right here! I just got around to listening to this one and I like the shit out of it. Beats are good and different and Mickey got some skill!

Best in a while

Best mixtape i've heard in a while, all the tracks are nice. Good beats, good lyrics. He's def an up and comer.. 9/10