Miguel - Mischief (The Mixtape)



1- Intro
2- Ooh Ahh!
3- All Night Long
4- Strawberry Amazing
5- Dig
6- Overload
7- Pick Up The Pace
8- Super(natural)

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wat is this homo shit doing

wat is this homo shit doing here not worth the download!

yea wtf

yea seriously mfizzel why you tryin to expose us to new content, that shits fucked up homie! god you kids are fucking ignorant, this is worse than youtube comments
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Very Dope. Reminds me of Trey Songz before he was commercial. ... Check out the myspace b4 u download and you'll see this tape has smooth tracks.

Da Shit

What the ****! This music is too whack. Better NOT LOADING it!


s/o to miguel