Mikey Bloodshot - Pimp My Radio


01 Intro
02 The General
03 She Said Stop
04 Ditch Dat Nigga
05 Freeze
06 Somebody
07 Be Your Man
08 Go Girl
09 Greenlight
10 Let Ur Hair Down
11 Kiss A Girl
12 Talk That Shit
13 Hero
14 Cant Belive It
15 Frankenstein
16 Magic
17 Day & Night
18 Echo
19 Pussy ,money, Weed

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ErrBody Get Out Da Ghetto Blasterz

Have a party Cause the Time Is Now.... America Surprised Us on How a Black Man Got Us....
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The fuck..?

Wutchu talkin bout, is the mixtape hype or not.. god damn.. Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up


Its Aight Shit just get off my dick or ill leave you like the Detroit Lions

this mixtapa is fiyah! hot

this mixtapa is fiyah! hot hot hot! ouchies, it burned my cd playa! hehe =]

Pimp My Radio

Dude Bloodshot can rap but I wanna hear some hard stuff not this R&B crying