Money - Home Confinement Vol 1 (The First Flip) (Hosted By Yung Texxus)


Mixed By DJ Blurray

1. Intro- Yung Texxus & DJ Blurray
2. 1st Flip (prod by Dirty Dan)
3. This Is Life ft Sluggz, NISH (prod by Tone Beats)
4. Yung Texxus checks in
5. No Return
6. Can U Dig It
7. The Ave
8. For The GÆz ft Sluggz
9. Pearly Gates freestyle
10. Double UP
11. Look @ Me
12. Get Ya Money
13. DJ Shy Stylz checks in
14. Kid I Know (prod by Speaks)
15. Grooving (prod by Def Scotti B)
16. Yung Texxus checks in
17. Where Da Feet (prod by Dirty Dan)
18. LetÆs Get This $
19. Greatest Return ft Sluggz
20. Yung Texxus checks in
21. Money Makes tha World Go Round ft Sluggz
22. Fuck Em (prod by The James Experience)
23. Count That ft Sluggz (prod by Dirty Dan)
24. Put It Down ft J Lex
25. Luv It All (prod by Ill Villinz)
26. Yung Texxus checks out
27. Bonus Track- Set Backs

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NOT fresh enugh

Thsi shit sounds like 50 Cent 5 years ago most of the time. Only 2-3 half-fresh trakz on dat disk. Better come back and try again later!


This shit is not fresh enugh. Only 2-3 half-fresh trackz. Come back and try again later bro! See how Gutta Gutta or Nasty Nardo be settin standards right now...


I dont know what this nigga above me is talkin about? You niggas must not listen to lyrics any more! This kid is nice! 4 outta 5