Murda Mook - Misunderstood


1. Intro
2. Go Harder
3. Expect Da Unexpected
4. Best Rapper Alive
5. Gun Wit A Body
6. This Is Why You Flop
7. Where Da Lyrics Go
8. Blackout
9. Kiss My Azz
10. Never Let You Down
11. Cant Come Where You From
12. Aint Nutin Change
13. I Forgot
14. Root Of All Evil
15. Can I Live
16. What Happen 2 NYC

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mook tight

THATS WHATS UP!!! mook tight some one sign this dude real>>>>>>>
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Was worth the download, didn't listen to all the tracks but the 4 i did listen to were tight before i posted.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

New York bout to do it again!

first seen Mook on youtube, dude is the rapper eater, delivery CRAZY, lyrics iz so BLAZE. get this