Naledge - Welcome To Brainiac Society Vol. 1


Welcome To Brainiac Society is a compilation or collection of music that I like, and that I might have made or contributed to. There's no real rhyme or reason to it. I think a lot of people got confused when I started repping Brainiac Society as my crew or my label cause I think a lot of people took it as a separation from Kidz In The Hall, which is not what it is. It's just me giving a platform to people that I like, and I want it to be looked at moreso as a Native Tongues type of thing than as a Bad Boy type of thing. It's just a group of people that make dope music and appreciate the artistry of Hip Hop and doesn't have to necessarily mean they are rappers. They can sing, they can make beats, DJ, whatever. It's about the creative renaissance that's going on within Hip Hop all over the nation. These are people that I met in my travels who I feel are dope and they inspire me. We just get together and we collectively make art...It's also a platform for me to put out Fooch who is my artist. It's no departure from Kidz In The Hall. Me and Double O are such creative beings in general, that we don't know how to operate without 30 things going on at once. We're very much multi-taskers and we've always been that way. We try to have our hands in everything.

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Naledge sucks. I saw Kidz in

Naledge sucks. I saw Kidz in the Hall in philly and they were horrible - COMPLETELY offbeat - plus Naledge is a pretentious asshole with a wannabe 80's b-boy persona who just comes off looking like a spoiled little brat.

yeah like you know him

yeah like you know him personal, you must be his groupie then hahaha

Can't wait to listen to

Can't wait to listen to this. Kidz in the Hall don't disappoint so I'm sure this won't

kid in the hall

them faggots suck homey foreall
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this is a fuckin great tape

this is a fuckin great tape a must dl