DJ Drama Planning New 'Outkast' & 'Young Buck' Gangsta Grillz Mixtapes

From MTV's Mixtape Monday:

When it comes to Andre 3000, you know you're going to get classic material, it's just a matter of playing the waiting game. Dre and Big Boi are supposed to make a Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, but the Aphilliates frontman says it's been a bit difficult getting verses from the singing 'Kast member.

"It's been kinda hard," Drama said, sitting in the Aphilliate Music Group's new offices — the space used to be occupied by T.I.'s Grand Hustle company. "I'm not even gonna lie. God willing, hopefully we'll get something out of him. He's been pretty on the up-and-up about getting on the project. He's been excited about it. But getting him to get to the rhymes is a hard thing."

Drama has plenty more Gangsta Grillz coming, including a new edition by Young Buck.

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DJ Drama Arrested In Mixtape Raid

Legal and Management
by Hillary Crosley, N.Y. from

The office of Atlanta-based Aphilliates Music Group, homebase to Justo's "Mixtape DJ of the Year" awardee DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon, were raided yesterday afternoon (Jan. 16) by the Morrow County Sheriff's Joint Vice Task Force and the Clayton County Police. The officers confiscated more than 81,000 mixtape CDs, to be destroyed, along with computers, recording equipment and four cars. The company's assets were also frozen.

DJ Drama -- who recently took home four trophies at the Justo's 10th Annual Mixtape Awards -- is largely considered the top mixtape DJ and has catapulted and revitalized the careers Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne, respectively. His arrest now calls into question whether major labels will continue to utilize mixtapes as promotional tools.

Both DJ Drama (Tyree Simmons) and DJ Don Cannon (Donald Cannon) were arrested on felony charges stemming from a Magistrate's warrant under the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act. The pair is currently in Fulton County Court for a bail hearing, which will determine their bond.

"We have a partnership with a joint vice task force working pirated tapes in the country," says Chief James Baker of the Morrow Police Department. "We found an outlet in Morrow for the criminal sale of recorded material, breaking the OCGA, Official Code of Georgia Annotated, no. 16-8-60, which specifies that CDs must list the true name and address of their office, which these CDs didn't, nor did they [list] copyright permission. People were able to make purchases over the Internet and these guys sold the pirated discs for profit."

Baker said this is the second raid in an effort to stop pirated CD sales.

"Our first raid also happened in Atlanta on Metropolitan Parkway on Oct. 11, 2006," says Baker. "It was run by a bunch of immigrants, the majority here illegally, from West Africa. We seized over $14 million of counterfeit CDs, five vehicles, cocaine and marijuana." Several individuals remain in jail due to that raid.

Aphilliate Music Group inked a distribution and marketing deal last year with Asylum Records. Nobody from the company was available for comment at deadline.

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