DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz (COMPLETE SERIES)

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Esco says:



The release you all been waiting for. Make sure you seed this muthafucker. I upped this onto EazyG's server before i upped it here so everyone should get fast speeds.

As always i have neatly organised the tapes into folders so download what you need.

I have tried my best to fix up all the ID3 tags as best as possible.

Most downloaders won't really care but i have deleted the name of the ripper groups (only from folder), all .nfos and playlists. Sorry about this but it's personally how i organise my music without all the untidyness, playlists and nfos laying about.

ALL front covers are included. If any are missing please let me know.

There are NO missing tracks. (If there is hollar at me)

All files are mp3.

All the Chopped & Screwed versions released by DJ Drama are included.

I have collected as many Gangsta Grillz as possible. There are 55 total mixtapes in this pack. This pack is MISSING the following Gangsta Grillz...

- Gangsta Grillz 1

- Gangsta Grillz 2

- Gangsta Grillz 3

- Gangsta Grillz 4

- Gangsta Grillz 5

- If there any other tapes missing from this pack please let me know.

Me and many other users on this site have tried to hard to find these tapes but no one seems to own them and all sites are sold out. If you can get hold of these tapes let me know ASAP. (

Special Thanks....

To everyone that helped get this shit together. Believe me this shit was hard and could never of been done with all the help i received.

I have lost all my PM's so i can't give all the names of those who helped but off the top of my head...

- HurricaneBWS

- Splinter

- Huge

- Blackninja

- Mfizzel

- Foolish

- Falcomadol

- IMDUltimate

- 7GramsOfPhat

- Studgenius

- Jag

- HARDC0r3

- H50n

- All the dudes who let me leech of their FTPs.

- Special thanks to EazyG who purchased and ripped...

Gangsta Grillz 6

Gangsta Grillz 7

Gangsta Grillz 8

Gangsta Grillz 9

Gangsta Grillz 10

Thank you ALL and anyone i missed

Can people could post this shit on as many public torrent sites as possible please. I wanna get this shit seeded fast and well.

I'm pretty sure thats it so download this shit and seed the fuck out of it and to all you pricks who wanna leech, i'm watching you and i WILL ban you. Pricks.

This would be a pretty good chance to get your ratio up for those with low ratios.



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you absolute fucking legend :D

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now that just sucks

i really want this...but its from mixfiend and every time i go to register..i never get the confirmation email...its screwed...i cant get all the old stuff...ANNOYIN!!!!!!!!!

you dont have to register at

you dont have to register at mixfiend to download this

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...oh yeah..this might sound stupid, because it is...but i clicked on the mixfiend link as i was too excited to actually click the right 1...thnkx!!!

yessssssssssa very very nice

yessssssssssa very very nice release ur tha best man! but, i can't download this!!! it always says to me no error occured!

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its not downloading on bitcomet

RESPECT!! 1st off all to the ppl that made this happen but the thing is am trying to download it on bitcomet and its not downloading for some reason its the first time it happen it shows a red X in the place which lets you konw where its paused started stopped ext could someone help me and tell me whats wrong or sme alternative Plz Asap coz Am dying to hear this

Ok Peace And 1 luv

Ruff Ryder 4 Lyfe!!!

use azureus

use azureus

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this collection has imspired me to find the missing...

- Gangsta Grillz 1

- Gangsta Grillz 2

- Gangsta Grillz 3

- Gangsta Grillz 4

- Gangsta Grillz 5

but i can c why they arent on here...they are no where...not even any record of it even exsistin...weird and annoyin. however i will keep on searching...i must.

Missing A Young Jeezy Gangsta Grillz

Does anyone have the streets is watchin it was a Gangsta grillz exclusive but its not on the list if i find It I will ad It to the torrent.

part 4 and 5 were scene

part 4 and 5 were scene ripped, they exist. in an interview drama mentions that part 4 was the first to hit the stores. meaning 1-3 will be hard to get.

nice collection tho. sadly no scene releases and missing lots of tapes from 2002-2004 :(

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I can't download this track

I can't download this track Gangsta Grillz (The Whole Series) + Covers\The Whole Series\DJ Drama & Saigon - Gangsta Grillz - Welcome To Saigon (Extra)\DJ Flaco - Trip Down South - Part 8 (Hosted By Young Joc)\03- Yung Joc Feat. ....
Can you send me this track?? My mail

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Bit of a dilema....

For some reason, when I make the attempt to download the complete file, it only gets to the point where it says "moving". It says it's at 100%, but under status it always ends up reading "can't move". I can find a folder though but it seems it's incomplete since it's supposed to have 55 tapes and I only see 21. I'm on shareaza. Does any one know whats going on? Peace to Esco and affiliates for this amazing download! Peace.

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please seed this im getting it right now its taking forever i cant fucking wait!!!

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Thank God for mfizzel (and all his affiliates) :D Keep makin these compilations bro!

I'll be seeding this one for weeks!

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everytime i get about halfway done downloading this, an error happens. it says some file is missing. what should i do? i gotta get this!!!


Hey fellas i know im late as hell but i been looking for this series right here forever PlEASE SEED this if u still have it

theres 15 seeds on this

theres 15 seeds on this torrent, thats plenty to get everything...its a 4GB torrent so its gonna take awhile

new computer

got a new computer.. bout to redownload this mawfucka. i remember puttin this together a couple years back. amazing shit everybody needs to download this.