DJ Whiteowl, Lil Wayne & NY CEO: New Orleans Nightmare Pt. 6

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01. Lil' Wayne - Burn This City (Exclusive) 03:37
02. Lil' Wayne - I Took Her (Exclusive) 04:00
03. Lil' Wayne - My Girl Gotta Girlfriend (Exclusive) 03:12
04. Lil' Wayne - Money Cars & Clothes Ft Swizz Beats (Exclusiv 02:37
05. Lil' Wayne - Big Dogg Status Ft Scarface & T.I. (Exclusive 05:03
06. Lil' Wayne - I'm A Ryder (Exclusive) 02:48
07. Lil' Wayne - Kiss Me Baby (Exclusive) 03:30
08. Lil' Wayne - Lookin' Out The Window (Exclusive) 03:15
09. Lil' Wayne - Do My Thing Ft Juelz Santana 02:26
10. Lil' Wayne - Beat It 01:43
11. Lil' Wayne - Breakin' My Heart 01:41
12. Lil' Wayne - Smokin' Section 01:35
13. Lil' Wayne - Opposites Attract Ft Wyclef 04:30
14. Lil' Wayne - Make Me Rich 00:44
15. Lil' Wayne - Gimme More 01:17
16. Lil' Wayne - The Block Is Hot Ft Jim Jones 03:38
17. Lil' Wayne - How Can They Be Better 01:22
18. Lil' Wayne & Ciara - Leave Em Alone Pt 2 03:15
19. Lil' Wayne - Throwback 1 05:19
20. Lil' Wayne - Throwback 2 02:59
21. Lil' Wayne - Bonus Track 1 04:41
22. Lil' Wayne - Bonus Track 2 04:05

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cnow1983's picture

lil weezy wee

is he eva gon drop da album
portc954's picture

y would he ever drop a album

y would he ever drop a album if people keep leakin his shit when that shit do come out i bet everybody gonna know all the songs on that shit
LESS's picture

don't be fooled.

whiteowl is a fucking homo dj. i've never heard him have an actual exclusive. just a song i've already heard with a wrong song title and the dude calls it an exclusive. the bonus tracks probably aren't anything special either. i don't know who's worse, him or 31 degreez. just a bunch of homo djs. check my steez:

yea lol i was thinking that

yea lol i was thinking that too, him and 31 degreez just put out some fake "exclusivs" and yell so much that you hear them more than the artist. Don't get it fucked up, gotta appreciate the free music but goddamn that gets annoying. "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

who cares its free and for

who cares its free and for promontional use , weezy fuckin baby runs this tape, real recognize real I don know magic, but i make faggots levitate. shotty blast make ya top and bottom half separate.
cam_miAmi1's picture

trying 2 DL>old ass tape

wanna check it out