Lil Wayne - The Release


01 Lil' Wayne Carter 4 Preview (Exclusive)
02 Lil' Wayne Papercuts (Exclusive)
03 Lil' Wayne With You (Feat. Drake)
04 Lil' Wayne Ym Banger (Feat. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, & Tyga)
05 Lil' Wayne I Don't Like The Look Of That (New Version) (Feat. Gudda Gudda)
06 Lil' Wayne Gonnorrhea (Feat. Drake)
07 Lil' Wayne Hold Up (Feat. T-Streets)
08 Lil' Wayne Whats Wrong With Them (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
09 Lil' Wayne Popular (Feat. Lil' Twist)
10 Lil' Wayne That Ain't Me (Feat. Jay Sean)
11 Lil' Wayne Bill Gates
12 Lil' Wayne Cascades
13 Lil' Wayne Shades (Feat. Diddy & Justin Timberlake)
14 Lil' Wayne Girl Like Her
15 Lil' Wayne Right Above It (Feat. Drake)
16 Lil' Wayne Ym Salute (Feat. Nicki Minaj, Lil' Twist, Lil' Chuckee, Jae Millz, & Gudda Gudda)
17 Lil' Wayne I Am Not A Human Being (Official Version)

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all old everything


every wayne album in the past few months has been all shit rom "I am not a human being". CUT THAT SHIT OUT
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they need to stop posting

they need to stop posting shit period. Wayne fell off
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seriously fuck lil gay oh my

seriously fuck lil gay oh my bad i mean lil wayne hes the biggest lame now i hate his music now auto tunbe ass nigga hes a faggggg now why the fuck would he come out with his new look hes a wana be rocker now slash auto tune fag eave that shit 2 t-pain he started that shit anywho fuck that bitch made nigga tell me this why the fuck would he come out with (im on your face like man cum ) i mean what type of shit is that 4 a hard ass nigga as he clames 2 be say somthing like that thats just gay i dont know bout yall but all them songs were he comes out talking bout no homo is cause hes insecure thats just a fact NO HOMOE laughing my ass off he must be a homo since they got him on tape kissing bird man faggi smell pussy is that you wayne he aint hard he a bitch

I've noticed something about

I've noticed something about people who post in threads on this site: they all seem to abhor punctuation and avoid it like the plague. I also found it to be weird how frequently people complain about free music. All it takes is to click on a link, see the track listing, and the rage is soon to follow. I could see if all downloads were mandatory, but we're not exactly the totalitarian music nation...yet.