Dedication 1!

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Ayo, I'm trying to get the first Dedication by Lil' Wayne and DJ Drama. The site has Dedication 2 and the first one, but only screwed and chopped, and datpiff doesn't finish the download.

If anybody has the first Dedication, holla at me.

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yo i need dedication one also.

B Powder
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I Got You
I Have it at the crib, its just a matter of time to get that shit uploaded. I'll try to get it posted ASAP. Powder Me Up Bitches
Powder Me Up Bitches

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Does anyone have Dedication 1
Does anyone have Dedication 1 Post again

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for real someone needs to
for real someone needs to get the dedication on here

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God Damn...
why don't find this file?

Yung Screw 817
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Fuck ya mean...
Fuck ya mean ya cant find it? I cant find that shit with my eyez closed!! Here ya go ya lazy bumz>>>