DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 2 (Chopped By OG Ron C)

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1) Best In The Business
2) Get Em
3) They Still Like Me
4) I'm The Best Rapper Alive
5) Cannon (AMG Remix) Feat. DJ Drama, Lil Wayne, Freeway, Wille The Kid, Detroit Red, & Juice
6) Workin Em
7) Sportscenter
8. Welcome To The Concrete Jungle Ft. Juelz Santana
9) Spitter
10) South Muzik
11) This What I Call Her
12) Dedication 2
13) Weezy On Retirement
14) Poppin Them Bottles Feat. Currency & Mac Maine
15) What U Kno
16) Where The Cash At Feat Currency & Remy Ma
17) Ridin With The AK Feat Currency & Mac Maine
18. Weezy On The Streets Of N.O.
19) Walk It Off
20) Hustlin
21) Gettin Some Head Feat Pharrell
22) A Dedication After Disaster
23) No Other Feat. Juelz Santana
24) Outta Here
25) Georgia... Bush

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Damn this shit is gonna be dope leaning with promoethizine

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Good Shit

good classic. cant wait til he drops da 3rd.


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that shit

this shit is hot

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fuck yeah

fuck yeah

Last Weezy Gangsta Grillz

Not b/c DJ Drama got locked up, but b/c Weezy said he deserved it and went on to praise DJ Clue (with ROC, though he just dissed JAy in an interview) and also praised DJ Khaled, his new road dog I am assuming.

BTW cocaine is a hell of a drug, and I remember when WAyne talked about BG being on drugs, but I will put a lot of money to say that Weezy is on the powder.

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yea weezy smoke weed but who doesnt i dunno bout da rest but its a fact bg was a herion addict n prob still is.

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Weed is good, heroin n

Weed is good, heroin n powder aint. Weezy on the kush, he aint on the other shit.

CC I know BG was a fiend and

I know BG was a fiend and maybe still is. I am just saying in my 20 years I have seen many of people on powder, and Weezy acts just like they did.

I can't guarantee he is on it, I am just saying everytime I see him on TV etc. He acts like they did.

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best time eva

all this talkin reminded me: you all should try this tape when you are blazed out of your fuckin skull, its fuckin bliss! no drinking and fuck that purple shit to hell!

dedication 3 is gonna be

dedication 3 is gonna be more like an album than a mixtape, acccordin to weezy. and has any1 heard anythin bout the super group he is puttin together this year? money boyz i think.i heard juelz and a few others were involved. that shit would be HOT!

was good son son jus

was good son son jus wonderin if u noe wen dedication 3 comin out i herd in like 07 but i wanna noe in like wat month and peaple who wanna buy it can b bought at stores and shyt right or can u just download it from here? ight well any way just reply bak ight..deuce

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Dedication 1 ??

Yo Can Somebody Put The Original Dedication 1 On Dis Muhfukka

~Deeeyyyaaummm What Happent, He Blindin Ere Body Hey ! It Must Be Joey Outshinin Ere Body~

When is D3 comin out?

any1 noe wen dedication 3 comin out i herd it was comin out in 07 but more or likely wat month if any 1 jus post ight..1