Nova Kane - I Hustle Hard Vol 2 (Hosted By DJ Gutta & DJ Lazy K)

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01. The Wave (Prod. by Track Dealers)
02. Make It This Far
03. Shawty Swing My way (ft. Greg Humming)
04. Dats Money (ft. Gudini)
05. Trap For The Doe (ft. Littles The General) (Prod. By T-Nyce)
06. Imma Showboi (Prod. By Showboiz)
07. Wanted Me A Deal (Prod. By Lost Dreams)
08. Toronto's My City (ft. Patchy)
09. TUrn You On (Prod. By Al Catone)
10. Let Me Call You Wifey
11. Night Shift (ft. Gudini) (Prod. By T-Nyce)
12. Off That (Remix)
13. Lambourghini Dreams (Remix)
14. Splash (ft. Gudini)
15. Back 2 The Hood (Prod. By Mazik)
16. Freestyle (Prod. By Neak)
17. Looking Out My Window (ft. Gudini) (Prod. By T-Nyce)

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