The Game - One Blood Remix (Featuring THE ENTIRE HIP-HOP INDUSTRY)


Jim Jones
Snoop Dogg
The Game
Fat Joe
Juelz Santana
Ricky Ross
Dubb C
Bun B
Slim Thug
Young Dro
Ja Rule

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#1 shit of 2006

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Get this!!

i know half these dudes have beef with 50 but do all of them? or did they just come together to make one hell of a fuckin street single

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GAME is faker than a 3 dollar bill

You guys seriously like this shit?? Wtf u guys smokin man? Must be some good shit. This is the worst track of 06!! Game is just mad cuz he was exposed. He aint shit but a stripper and his career is only still hangin on by a thread cuz hes diss Fifth. Young buck Lloyd Banks and Spider Loc just made that nigga look silly. Hed be doin us all a favour by just stop rappin or W/e u wanna call it he is doin. Ga Ga GA GA GUNIIIIIT! Thats whats UP!

GAME IS Faker.....

Game can spit harder than any of 50's bitches in G-unit

remix of the century

remix of the century

burn one. one blood

thats some fire. some of the heavyhitters on one track.

one blood. game do your thing.

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Daz dissed 50..... he waz like "RIP 50 cuz you dont stay true"

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sik trak..but y ja on it he juz ruins it lol...styles and jada kill it...over all pretty sik trak but madd long

Ja Rule was spiitin!!!

it's definatley Fire! Ja kills it at the end its kinda like is makin a statement since 50 got beef with anyone who collaborates with peeps he dont like, hell with this posse 50 wont just have beef he's the whole damn stampede chargin his arss lmao!!!

Fat Joe dissed 50 too,

Fat Joe dissed 50 too, something about a "measly 9 shots".
A few pepole probably have sumblimial disses, you just gotta listen for em...

yea i heard it

he said "im gonna give this nigga a pine box/and i aint talkin a measly 9 shots"

i give it to him that was mean

.50 cents

50 cent himself might as well bow down

he should just join in and spit a a few lines wiht everyone



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i dont like this nigga game

i dont like this nigga game at all.but this shit is ok.i just dont like the fact that game always has to have a bunch of artist to make some hard ass shit.his album was fucking garbage

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u r a fukin clown.GAME TIME

hot fireeee 2006

DAMNN MAN yo this remix is the craziest remix in a lonngg while, yo BIG UPS TO the Game ffor puttin this out. sickkkkkness in one package

Shit is ill, funny ja is on

Shit is ill, funny ja is on it, I remember game callin him a faggot, wonder what happened?

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he only ddissed him cuz 50 waz beefing wit him.... and u kno how 50 always sends his minions after the target instead of takin care of his own problems

fuckin wack

This shit was so wack.Game is a stripper n taht aint ever gonna change.i cant believe even after watchin that change of heart shit ya'll niggas still think he a fukin G. hes a bitch ass mo fucker. How cum chams on this i thought he was down with g unit

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nah dude cos g-uint is gay

nah dude cos g-uint is gay just like you so cham aint down with them - you know this is hot...if you got anything against it don't listen to it.

+ Ja and Game squashed their beef at some award ceremony thing but it wasnt ja it was irv gotti on behalf of murda murda

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Damn this remix is crazy, it

Damn this remix is crazy, it makes the TOUCH IT Remix look weak. Damn just think if they were perform this at a show like they did the touch it. Whew!!

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I am not joking here. tears

I am not joking here. tears run down my eyes when i saw this..

Fire.. shame it wont be on the album.
Try Told You I Was Hot

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Sikkk Shittt

No shit its gunna be long you should of seen that when it says all the people featuring on it. so gunit-soldier, game is a faggot for proving hes still got peoples in the industry. i agree ja was kinda weak, but its just to make a point to fiddy. and im tired of people giving game a bunch of shit to game for dissing gunit all the time. its kind of pathetic actually, gunit is a whole clique who cant outdo him or his hungery as an artist. 50 got flow and can make the songs he needs to get all the mainstreamers to like him, but game dont car about that, he proved it by putting start from scratch on his alum witch according to you was garbage. lets go thru gunit's albums here: 50 is good, ill give you that. tony yayo= garbage, all he does in songs is yell people's names in the background, even on "you dont know". lloyd banks #14 on the charts, man thats impressive, not!... dont get me wrong, i like the people gunit be fuckin with lately like young buck, mase, scrappy, and busta, but they are already established people in the industry, and just because you get them in ur little rap group doesnt add to make gunit's credit for finding these people any better. the original gunit= done.


I dare someone to right somthin about game now...Look at this...The game has almost every hot artist in the music industry right now AND he has some old skool shit with dubb c in there. and p.s. quintosoul is dumb...The doctors advocate is an unbeliavable album.

fuckin disgusting. one sad

fuckin disgusting. one sad thing to me is that it took too long to release, one blood is an old track. its still fire jus wish it was released earlier. also ppl hatin on ja jus cause EVERYONE hated his music at one point, but to me, if he can rap like he did on this, i'll cop his shyt for real

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sick track, just lettin you

sick track, just lettin you know, cham does fuck wit g-unit, as does snoop, but that aint gonna let Game stop him from makin a hot track. Also for everyone hatin on Ja's part, just listen to it again, he comes in and spits some fire

not true

chamillionaire doesnt have a problem with them but he stated he wont do a track with them. you may be referring to the fact that cahmillionaire have connections with whoo kid. thats who he fucks wit

Ja is...

fucking garbage, he wack, show me ONE punch he spat...oops I just shat on him.

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This Is...

This Is... a entire diss track, everyones gettin at something, 4 example....chamillionaire talks about his label and flip has a problem with him.... Jada, rule, styles + fat joe go against 50 Snitch wid some badass lyrics ..... bun b is going at luda because of tip....

this ENTIRE song is all a diss track, everyones spitiin towards everyone else, its a badass track

no one can touch game anymore nor jule, he spilt fire like crazy

This track proves that game

This track proves that game is standing on top of hip-hop

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who wants the lyrics?

who wants the lyrics?


if u can post the lyrics that be sick

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One Blood x 24

Here they are..if mfizzel has a problem i guess he can always take them down and any corrections let me know and ill fix it up (young dro's verse is hard to get)

[Jim Jones]
Uhuh Jones Dipset Byrdgang bitch
U know what it is
when you see me two twelvin you homie
thats right
you fucked niggas keep triple nining (Eastside!)
have some integrity bitch
Smell me?
Peace blood, peace almighty (peace blood!)
We all thugs and we run the streets nightly (eastside!)
And get my lawyer. why?
cos i ain't coppin out
and i fuck with b-boys that bring the choppers out (yeah!)
one shot of that'd have the boys bring the corpses out
and we ballin with all the toys that we hoppin out(flossin!)
Ma feary side, where we ride and we all fly high in them Land G5s so(ballin!)
Twist your fingers up and bang muthafucka bang
Get your money up this cane is what we fuckin slang
and this nine trey is what i fuckin came its dipset cappa the don of the byrdgang (eastside!!)

[Snoop Dogg]
They thought the D O dogg what you really trippin cuh?
twenty one twenty whips and all of us is crippin cuh
we from the get rich street
all got that different heat
but when we moving ask for Game cuh we on that same beat
so if you fuck with blooood
then you fuck wit us
and we aint bustin dubs cuh
we bustin slugs
that short stingin touch will clean ya mess up
and if you from the west coast ma nigga wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-westside!!

Game got at me about the remix
its a honour ma nigga
i made rap one blood
best say im signing with jigga
i got rappers getting mad at me
i got these new jack rappers trying to clap at me
i got these corny wannabe diss song kings on the radio talkin bout how they gon spray
and take me away
but i'm the true
i'm not to be questioned
have your whole hood hollerin shits about ma regression

ma attitudes shifty, im only above 50
so i keep a spanish with me
shitt comin to get me
what you scared?
i'm a playa
in the mall and all
with tim tunes you call me quick call me all
i'm a cut that fool betta call the law
start sprayin paint fuck nigga fold and draw
i press play like puff
no problems at alll
chopper hold and
all the wars is all they sold

[The Game]
it just took a couple shots
i bring it back to life
give it a couple shots
the king comin
no i'm not jay-z
too many niggas hate me
this aint a movie dogg (Nope!)
not waist deep.
i'm not an actor but i show ya bitch big meat
she giving one blood
one love
all dubs
140 000 the first week uHHH!



[Fat Joe]
All this niggas want for a trill with them stiff faces
tell them niggas lyin still up in stiff cases
with them styrofoam
and embalmin fluid
i've been gone too long
and i'm dyin to lose it
somebody go and give this nigga a pine box
and i aint just talkin bout a measley nine shots
yeah im chopper happy
and my wrist loose
call me cold deep
i'm smack your bitch too

[Lil Wayne]
Violent form gangsta
New orleans soldier
bangin underwater
fuck around and soak ya
Louisianna gunna
i'm out my holster
hey if you gettin greasy im in Ossa
i'm big and bad bein bool on that eastside
or new orleans where the bloods at tha beehive
aint nothing sweeet
unless its presidential
cos that is where i sleep
now give me my key!

New york get the blood money (dirty cash!)
still sweet
we gon black wallstreet by the swat meet with heat
def jam they gon flop em
reggaeton aint hot in the building no mo
Its okay!! i get it poppin
back to the florist trees for d's
these lil nee's who took ma leave
as a opportunity to breath
yeh you aint gotta go overseas to see iraq
shit you can come to left latin queens and get jack quick

[Jadakiss (J) & Styles P (S)]
J: one blood we used to the spillin
S: Came from the hood
J: So we used to the killin
Used to the black males
S: Making crack sells in the buldin
hows he get the benz?
J: wit tha suede on the ceiliing
S: Blood in
J: Blood out
S: Me and homie
J: back to back
S: but we only were
J: we about to pitch a shut out
i'm new yorks king
S: I'm new yorks hardest nigga
J: anything in between
S: is a muthafucking talking nigga
J: D-B-
S: l-o-
J: c-k- (D block for you slow muthafuckas)
S: P spray
J: The hulk'll find a nice home
S: right where your cheeks stay
J: we got a mean team
S: Hip hop dream team
J:the boys is only in the projects on
S: green screen
J:yeah no security
S: put you on tha respirator
J: i'm the bomb
S: i'm the muthafucking detonator
S: dutch
J: one
S: bud
J: one
S: bird
J: one
S: slug
J: what a couple cat be's gonna settle for just

What it look likeee?
All i say at most
shooters waiting on the word
Just say it LOS
i let these niggas live
Id soon pull tha plug
have em goons pullin gloves
leave the room full o slugs (yesssss)
heavy traffickin
oh no room? here come the dubs
a couple africans, with balloons full of drugs
if they like me tell em line up
wanna sit behind ten and point em out like a line up

Mic Check 1 2, 1 2
I'm strapped you strapped
let's play two on two (let's go)
Ya eyein us in that iron buss
blink ya
2 litres of red juice, hawaiian punch
so what you boys gon do to me?
I'm born street, ya life's sweet
MTV's laguna beach
momma told me not to play wit fiyah BUT
she neva told me i would grow to be a liar

[Rick Ross]
One love to the gangs
but a million thangs
save the colours for the cars
see we kill for the fame
the boss made it
yeh we floss flagrant
shame how i lost your life savings up in Loss vegas
i'm a heavy betta. i'm a heavy sella
keep white in the office callin gerri heller
lettin off a hundred rounds
let the barrel hit
and we gon sit here and wait for the daryl gates

Bitch i got lords and gangstas
show me where them niggas at
Chi got two sixes and kings
show me where them killas at
chi got them ballas and hustlas
show me where them biggas at
Game where them triggers at?
Aim at them fiddy caps
We got the clips
I got the scope
Let's Get them choppers nigga
He got the kush i got the dope
lets get it poppin nigga
heard him in that cherry 64
shit aint no stopping nigga
hit em in the head n the body with a bullet
woulda put em in the cemetery and then they gotta holla out

Remix Remix Remix x3


Whaddup cuh??

Yeah rollin with two rips
glock holder on the hip
rollin with two clips
got two tiny locers ready to take trips
shaking make trips i stake to take risks
reppin know whats crackin cuz
cos ask me hardo
they hold hearts down nigga like spades and peaknuckles
west coast gangbang ryders erasin em
got funny niggas raising up and ryders replacin em Cuz

Dread the blue got one of his gangsta crew
R.I.P. For niggas who don't stay true
Peep down in the crevice
See them chaps better wit it
wearing in the land of the gang bang profession
i'm legendary
yep yep a west coasta
thrown them two c's
got gunz in ma holster
i'm from long beach city
crippled next to compton
now with ma nigga game if you niggas want problems
for the streets to the suites
anywhere we can meet
colombo to compton
Swamps city swap meet
world wide, get swept away by the tide
my g's and b.g's, o.g's its time to riiiiide

who the rider who tha spitta gutta mayne
chewed up in them carolina blue hurricanes
from the west side slangin the denim
where them killas throw that bird
that'll rip like raymond watchin tikky williams
blue jeans, blue streaks blowin bluberry green
caddilac on blue d's and a blue t
money thick as blue g's
truckin up the dub
what would the west see widout snoop and (dub)WC and one blood

the bay areeeea
fuckers we pop them
only get up if you got a problem
blup plut bullet kallabooom ya
clean ya glock
open ya can of tuna
make the choices in your head
oh one's snappin
get your chest aint out but the air in 50 cent blew ya
this aint anthyin to do with nobody
in the bay aint nothing to do but catch vineless...?

[Remix hook again]

[Bun B]
I'm comin straight out of the B18
like compton in all black
where when we say whut it dew they neva say holla back
fuck Beeda im OG
like 95 air max
we off preme
not a fight club off a fairfax
ask a hundred this dude pull out and done it
at the summit of rap
and im watchin you haters plummet
run to it or run from it
to Bun it don't give a
wipe the streets with ya like you was whoopa as a giva (one blood!)

look just it is breathing and i aint got give a reason
chamillionaire millionaire yall be beatin to be competed
my purpose is to get the cheese
and thats a purpose that your defeated
so shut your mouth and have a seat and be quite till im payin to see me
my label tells me im greedy
hoggin all the room on your tv
like Eric they think its easy
but it isnt easy believe me!
need to make a room in BETelevision if you wanna be me
cash city made room for jeezy i had to make room for me G

[Slim Thug]
It's one blood if you blood or cuz
i'm that numba one thug
it's still one love
and with my blue boy team
but i do it for green
i do it for my folks vice lords and kings
i was trapper's future rappers
standin out on them blocks
tryin to get up out the hood
mayne and stack all ma knots
put yo sets in the air scream fuck the cops
we gon rep for the hood
mayne like it or not

[Young Dro]
My fee's monsterable, murders are catastrophical, cause is improbable
Unload become an obstacle
(this guy is too south can understand his ramble)
trappin im an illogical
my topic is impossible
and ma partner aint shoestrings
shot him real possible
show me papa dough's
cars be tropical
all guns choppable
all blocks thermopabble
i'm unstoppable
my kaliko is tossable
lyrically diabolical
cushion is not so cubdable?

[Clipse (not separated into the two properly)]
Red drum red rum
such power in the tongue
never in your wildest
was he talkin it rrrrum
styled on niggas
brought feelin to the numb
japanese threads
brought flava to these bums
consider me the saviour
look what the lord gave ya
my celebrated presence
like the return of Raifa
frolick in the snow so playful
and revivin the track
like we flowin thru jumper cables
what duo
you know
get XXL utos?
or coppin all fulio
classic shit
we mastered this
left for dead
i'm back
i'm lazarus

Remix hook

[Ja Rule]
One trick
One blood
New York
The Game..Tha Rule
One love
Guns up
heads down can't touch
the flow its a bit much
the style wanna keep up
id advise you to speed up
with money movin like coke
these days gotta re-up
g-up cop some heaters
n dare a nigga to ak up
you see us in dual seaters n throw it up
its all hood
niggaz rep ya sets if your cuz or
(....blood blood blood blood...)
niggas we all bleed (all bleed...)
these niggaz cant breath
if only because the guns are drawn and named the pawn
niggas got bullets with names on em
ya want em?
come get em niggas
ya know where to git at me
look at me
not past me
maybe you can be half me
you barstards im laughin
put this dick in your family?
you sad niggas torn between one crip and one
ya niggaz know me
haha yeah

Junior Reid (one blood end)

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Nice... how long did that

Nice... how long did that take you!!
Try Told You I Was Hot

Daz and Kurupt

Daz and Kurupt down with Spider Loc and T.I on 'Buck the World'

lol thx a lot

lol thx a lot

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TI. bring em out

third verse i think, its same thing as beginning to juelz;s in this.. pretty retarded to have that shitt when ti is on the track...
sick job on the lyrics tho


jus to let you know you got

jus to let you know you got the TI lyrics twisted he said

im only a buck 50/so i keep a smith and with me

the "smith and" for all of you that dont know your guns is a smith and western


Um... my friend, I think you mean "Smith & Wesson". And "smith and" is a horrible way to refer to that particular gun model. Kimber pistols are 10x better in terms of accuracy and design, plus they are American made. Also, for all those rappers talking about the German-made Glocks - those guns fucking suck in terms of design, they are pretty damn ugly. I would never touch one unless there was no alternative. Kimber .40 or FNP-9 all the way!

By The Way

He doesn't say smith &, he says "smitty's with me".

Plus another quick correction , T.I. says:
with tim tunes you call me "quick draw McGraw"

sry one more

sry one more thing.

get XXL kudos
kudos is spanish for respect
(thats how he was discovered, label wise)

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thanks ill change it now

thanks ill change it now
also w/ lil wayne its "hey if you gettin greasy im an ulcer"
EDIT: i can't anymore so ppl just gonna haveta check the corrections...peace

Can someone please check the e-40 part as well? his hyphy bullshit sounds like jibberish to me

A few typos but i got u

fuck Beeda im OG
like 95 air max

"bun-beeda im a og"
so shut your mouth and have a seat and be quite till im payin to see me
"til im finished eating"

cash city made room for jeezy i had to make room for me G
"Game made room for jeezy"

Here's 40's lyrics.. The Yay

Here's 40's lyrics..

The Yay Area, fuckers we pop em
Open you up if you got a problem
Up top, Northern Califoolya
Clean your clock, open your can of tuna
Make a choice to see the Hell or Lord's heaven
Get your chest laid out wit the FM 57 (boom)
Cuzz this aint shit to do but no errbody (not 100% on this line)
In the Yay, ain't nuttin to do but catch violence

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sick un' thanks.
by the way...WC lyrics "tikky williams" should be "tookie williams" sorry it took me a while to figure out who he was talkin bout

now this is what hiphop is

now this is what hiphop is about

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another error

S: Me and homie
J: back to back
S: but we only were
J: we about to pitch a shut out
i'm new yorks king
S: I'm new yorks hardest nigga
J: anything in between
S: is a muthafucking talking nigga

it isnt talkin, its target

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Correction. I Had Sex wit Katie.

[Lil Wayne]
Violent form gangsta
New orleans soldier

bars need to be:
"5-0-4 gangsta"
New orleans soldier I'm raw wit tha beats.

By the way... 40's lyrics

By the way... 40's lyrics aint hyphy bullshit!! He been spittin lyrics like that for hella long. Hyphy aint bout tha lyrics, the lyrics are about bein hyphy. its about tha bays way of life, the way they dress, the way they act, etc. Dont hate cuzz tha nigga can spit.