Papoose - The 2nd Coming


01 - K Slay Intro
02 - 6 Foot 7 Freestyle
03 - Last Disciple - Prod By Juco Bri
04 - I Dont Eat Ham
05 - Last Man Standing - Prod By Juc
06 - Welcome 2 My Hood
07 - The Party About To Pop -Prod By T
08 - Bucket Naked - Prod By Tie Stick
09 - We Slid - Prod By Tie Stick
10 - Twenty Twen Ten - Prod By Tie Sti
11 - Six Rings
12 - Dead Presidents - Prod By Tie St
13 - Law Libary Pt - Prod By Certify
14 - Obituary 2010
15 - Dueces Remix
16 - All I Want Is You
17 - 1 In A Million
18 - Bklyn Niggas
19 - Knife Out
20 - No Police Contact
21 - 5 Fingers
22 - Let The Dogs Loose
23 - Welcome To The Jungle
24 - Grim Reeper
25 - Long Live The King - Prod By Wms
26 - I Got You - Prod By Gq Beats
27 - Footsteps Pt 2

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Pap has been consistently

Pap has been consistently disappointing me for 2 years, until these last few Slay tapes...I really want this to be good...
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Yous a fuckin

Yous a fuckin bird...dissapointing you? man Pap has been KILLING the mixtape scene since he touched the fuck down in this rap shit


pap is crazy but he needs to get away from kayslay though im getting real sick of him

When you listen to all 25 of his mixtapes ...

When you listen to all 25 of his mixtapes get back to me...Cuz I have. Anyone who has watched Pap come up from 2004 he fell the FUCK off after he got signed. He was the best out in 04-06. Everything after that is 60% garbage. Go listen to election day then listen to anything after 2007...You only like this shit if you started getting into him after that time. How do you go from to.... Half this tape is garbage!!!!! Some of it is decent...
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i feel the same way.. those

i feel the same way.. those last 2 kayslay tapes pap sound like he was back on his shit.. this fool had a biggest buzz after that "touch it remix" w/ busta rhymes.. nigga still aint do shit with it. kayslay draggin pap down
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Say whaaaaa? Paps been disappointing you LOL!

Man Paps the SHIT! The above poster nailed it - Pap been killin it since he touched down! Pa-poose Pa-poose! ** REAL RECOGNISE REAL **
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Pap can spit, but....

Kay Slay annoys the shit outta me. I won't be downloading this. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~