Pimp C - Trill Reaper (Chopped & Screwed)


01. Let's Talk Money (Remix)
02. Trill Niggaz Don't Die
03. One Day
04. I Miss U
05. I'm Free
06. Pocket Full of Stones
07. 10 A Key
08. Knockin Doorz Down
09. Talkin' Smart To A Pimp
10. Swishas And Dosha
11. Coming Up
12. Front Back & Side
13. Diamonds And Wood
14. I'sa Playa
15. Pourin' Up
16. Hit The Block
17. Hogg In The Game
18. Bobby And Whitney
19. The Game Belongs To Me
20. My Angel

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Why would u fuck up a great tape.. u fucked or something? Evryone just download the normal version, not this Fucked & Screwed version ---------Hola at your Mixtapes, Pease Out: JJ Cool

dude fucking Pimp C loved to

dude fucking Pimp C loved to bang the screw and sip syrup so why would u chopp and screw his shit??? but atleast u didnt disresct the pimp u must have goos taste in music

Obviously you don't have any

Obviously you don't have any respect or knowledge of pimp c's home, Texas, where chopped and screwed is prominent and well hmmm...what did pimp die from...hmmm...syrup...what genre of rap came from the syrup culture...hmmm... i think chopped and screwed by the late great robert davis...so please fuck boy, stop posting them ignorant comments
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Respect is one thing

Respect is one thing but a horribly Chopped and Screwed Mixtape is another. You know the thing about that computer dj shit is it sounds fake. The quality is bad and it does not represent what Robert Davis was trying to do. Real Screw Heads feel me when they listen to this shit. The chopping is sloppy at the start of each track until he get's the desired delay time he wants. That's due to the fact that most not all virtual DJ software will not let you cue music in headphones before it hit the main output. That means your starting your mix and guessing your delay time which makes your chopping sloppy. I could have done a better job with my old version of Screwlab 3.2 that now sits around on my desktop, waiting to be sent to the recycle bin.

Nano doesn't chop and screw.

Nano doesn't chop and screw. He rapes and murks these tracks. He's been doing it for almost a year and if you comment on his shit or give him advice he gets mad like a lil kid or a bitch and then blames everyone else.

That's how

I'm from sa Texas an that's how I'll remember pimp c

Way to go nano for fucking

Way to go nano for fucking up another rapper's tracks. This nigga didn't chop and screw it, he basically raped it with his virtual dj shit.

virtual dj is the soulja boy of chopp and screw

atleast the cover looks good...


do they call it chopped and SCREWED if DJ Screw didnt screw it himself? its called S.L.A.B. ed, Slow Loud and Bangin'. these DJ s are ruining and using the name and style he created. so dont call it Screwed if DJ Screw didnt do it himself.


i only seen dat on g-maab albums but dats whut it should be
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skoolin kidz,

They call it chopped & screwed out of respect for the creator DJ SCREW.
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From Day one V2

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