Plies - Diary Of A Realist (Hosted By DJ Rell)

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1.Diary Of A Realist (Intro)
2.Show Love
3.50 Stacks
4.Co Defendant
5.Family Straight
6.Ask Da Streets
7.Bet I Get Off
8.Make A Movie
9.Gun Play
10.Count My Money Feat. 1 Lee
11.Million Dollar Talk Feat. Dirty Gee
12.Me & My Goons
13.Wack Ya
14.I Just Want The Paper Feat. Biggie Smalls
16.Ain't Slippin
17.Plenty Money
18.Gon Do
19.Can't Cry
20.Want It, Need It Feat. Ashanti
21.Make Me Love Her Feat. R Kelly
22.Nasty Girl Feat. Ludacris

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U idiot

A-Town, Zone 3 Bitch!!!!!!! 1st, A-Town, Ain't plies the down south ll cool j????
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This tape goes hard...but WTF is up with the skips? Its not just one track...its sevral tracks that skip usually in the beginning. Is there way to fix this?
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take the p outta plies and what do you get.. A GOON DONT GO TO COLLEGE