Plies Feat Young Jeezy - So Bad (off DJ Spinatik & Plies - Street Credentials)

DJ Spinatik & Plies - Street Credentials coming soon!

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take the p off plies and

take the p off plies and what do u get?
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i was gone ignore this nigga track like everybody else did, but i saw a post in here and had to read it.. Thats a good one tho!, now lemme get back to ignorin this track if you don't mind.
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----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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Funny Shit Homie !

Take your bank acc what you get LMFAO !


i agree with u on the track bein garbage but ive read alot of ur comments on here and to me man you sound like a half educated ignorant asshole! but thats just my opinion. do everyone a favor and quit talking out of ur ass. COLTS ALL DAY IN 09' YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!
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.. shocked you can even read, im sure your one of the Gooch muppets that circulate here.. not really worth my time since i've been there done that, so i'll let you reply back which im sure your anxious to do and just ignore ya like i do the rest of the trolls here. colts in 09? LOL go look at the poll on
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!

a poll is just that a poll

I cant stand gucci's bitch ass, why ur sitting here jocking what wayne says cuz you cant make an original statement like most of the mixtapes they have on this site. u ignorant fuck, when u realize u need to educate urself more, then we can carry on with this twitter beef, lol, u dumb fuck! COLTS ALL DAY IN '09!!!!!!! Fuck a poll!
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just give up now london

Just give up while you can london, dat nigga is lettin you off easy, and wutz wrong with quotin rap artist verses? who don't do dat nowadayz? hell other artist cop off otha'z it's been goin on foreva, dat nigga from new orleans so it makes since he quote that wanye bit. i wish i woulda did it first, i think you better off lettin him ignore you.. dis shit is garbage tho, plies? c'mon.


WTF are yall talkin about.....the shit is something I wouldnt mind hearing in the club.....And show me one nigga or female who writes the truth in their music....Music is like movies.....its here to entertain.. If Jay Z did half the things he rapped about he would be in Federal prison right now...So dont believe the hype people....Plies ur ok in my book....especially when Im in the club...
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all that no non sense talk

all that no non sense talk on these comments that you'll do who paying you'll to do it ? exactly no damn body so why even bother to fucking keyboard fuss. hell just tell the people if the damn mixtape or song is hot or not who gives a free fuck what you think about the person, cause believe me that person don't give a fuck what you think about him as long as you buy the music. P. S. Fuck who got some hatting shiyt to say about what i Said Google me. Supa Nick aka Ya boi lil red is out.
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Must we go through this shit everyday?

I be seein nigga's cummin afta this one nigga "dninc" almost everyday, all that nigga do is talk about music wheneva he do post up on here and if he say one thing derogatory toward a artist they like, nigga's take take offense and call it hate and then go on ah attack to defend they hero, this shit gotta stop, just comment on the damn music, if you don't like a nigga'z opinion, instead of kallin it hate, how about you give yo piece on why you think it aint garbage?, how you gone change somebody else on some shit if all you tryin to do is pick ah fuckin fight? get ova that shit already, it aint hate sayin why shit is not good, or why a artist is not good if you give good detail why, dats just ignorant to sit on yo ass and attack anotha nigga'z with name callin and shit because of a simple opinion, you give the perception you a weak minded mothafucka that can't take a opinion and debate about it.. you pretty much let us all know you a dumb fuck and only learned how to settle shit with makin somebody else look stupid, it don't work ova the net nigga'z! [ |_-DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP-_| ]
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Co-sign the fuck out that

Co-sign the fuck out that shit!! We all like different shit, thats why theres so much diversity in music. I cant stand to hear Bossie rap but many others think hes the truth. I think Buck is one of the best ever but maybe 20% of yall would agree. But opinion and hate is way to different things, you can always tell the dumb fucks cause thats there whole agrument is that you're a hater, and the only put-down they can come up with is gay shit like "suck a dick or something"