DJ Spinatik & Plies - Street Credentials

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01. Intro
02. So Bad ft. Young Jeezy
03. Awesome
04. Chef
05. What They Talkin Bout ft. Young Buck
06. Wasted ft. Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne & Oj Da Juiceman
07. Blockstar ft. Yo Gotti
08. Chirpin ft. Fella
09. Imma Get Money
10. Medicine ft. Keri Hilson
11. Headboard ft. Mario & Hurricane Chris
12. Becky
13. Don't Need No Man ft. Chris J
14. On Yac
15. Plies Speaks
16. Something Real ft. Trae & Slim Thug
17. Can't Cry
18. Resume ft. B.G.
19. Count My Money
20. My Girl
21. Letter To The Industry

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Trap Beats
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Downloaded and gave this shit a listen to and plies still delivers that Goon, Molestation, Let me get my tissue...all of a (sudden) tracks!! He wont fail at his beats, which he delivers HANDS wont be disappointed if your a plies fan!!!

will this win over any new

will this win over any new plies fans???
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He already reached his peak

GAMEsHovAA wrote:
will this win over any new plies fans???

for real its like that??..

for real its like that??.. its ight i had NO expectations
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We waitin

Most of us waitin for dude to kill his self. he aint winnin no new fans especially with this shit
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i fuck wit plies!!!!

if he aint as real as he claim to be dats all on him....but as far as him rappin bout sum shyt a nigga did or seen out here he on point wit dat!!!if niggaz can relate to what a nigga talkin bout dat should be enough!!!!!ayy but what is niggaz lookin for outta rap now???? most comments on dis site be sum negative shyt!!! i think most of dese cats need to move to da r&b section they mite find something they like in dat genre!!!!
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Lookin for a good Poetic ..

We're looking for a good Poetic, real ass nigga to tell the story from his point of view and narrate it good enough so that we can visualize where he's comin from.. It's even better when kats that are from a whole different part of the country able to feel where your coming from based on how well you tell your story..
Plies has the swag down but he lacks the whole ability to lyrically grasp your mental state and take you into his world.. For the most part he's talkin about fuckin, the goon life, money, and a bunch of porno type shit he like to do with females. i can see females feelin him because 80% of his tracks is about fuckin or about body parts, but he leave little for nigga's to enjoy unless you like listening to this nigga seduce females?
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i couldn't have said that better myself church
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"as far as him rappin bout sum shyt a nigga did or seen out here he on point wit dat!!!" Your a real ass nigga keep it live big homie . These niggaz need to take your advice on "i think most of dese cats need to move to da r&b section they mite find something they like in dat genre!!!!" Thats real talk !
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Plies Killin It Tight Ass Mix Cd Fuck What You Been Sold !

This mix cd is fuckin tight lotta sick tracks to bump too . Man fuck people hatin on dude cause you bitches that claim whats good and bad be niggaz that aint bout shit broke ass no name brand groupies !!!!! You lames can do better up load a mix cd like SPM said i promise i wont laugh !
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the only groupie here is you homey. swangin on plies dick like that. FAGGOT!
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Dude has a football player as a icon LMFAO

Bro go shower wit your buddys . When the last time you drop a cd beside your pants with your buddys ?
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You have some fucked up ass

You have some fucked up ass taste, you say Ras Kass is weak but your on here defending this garbage ass Plies?????????
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Thats because..

Thats because he's most likely in his early or mid teens and only listen's to clear channel radio and anything Viacom owned networks "BET/MTV" feed to him on his TV, so many people are easily brainwashed by the mainstream pushers it's ridiculous, they consider this type of shit real music, sometimes i wish you can hit the reset button on nigga's and guide them the right way, this shit is gettin sadder and sadder, but it is what it is.. Plies to some kats is whats hot and he's selling because his marketing agent is probably an award winning Marketing agent like Gucci's is with that Gucci Camp they formed to promote him all over the place when he had only 10 or so tracks in regular rotation while in jail and they kept getting renamed, remixed and beat changed on em to make em sound fresh lol..
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And thats the same reason

And thats the same reason these yankees be on here talkin shit bout southern rap, only the bullshit makes it on the radio and MTV and thats all they ever hear of southern rap so they think thats all were bout, then you got these young cats willing to defend Plies and OJ cause there told to think these dudes are hot. Then when real motherfuckers that know good music like us try to school them were labled haters, if I could host 106th and Park for one day......
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"real music"

Hate to bust your bubble bro . Niggaz that u think are real "rappers" would be on deathrow if they was livin how they singing . Please show me a rapper that killed niggaz like a mother fucker and sold more dope then a drug cartel . Bro Gucci & Plies sellin cause there entertainers same as gay ass jay z & lil wayne !!!!!!
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"Ras Kass Who ? LMFAO "

Bro dont get mad that nigga u bump livin on pennys when plies gettin dollers . Nigga facts dont lie bro . How long that hoe been around Ras Kass Vs Plies ? Plies paid your boy broke that shit speaks loud and clear dawg . Let me guess you that type of clown that justify been broke with excuses ? defending ? or speakin facts with out the blood line of a hater . This cd tight . If the shit tight even if i dont like the rapper imma give em props . Ras bubble gum rap lame as fuck . His cd cover speaks loud and clear !!!!!