Superstar Jay - Price Of Fame

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01 Superstar Jay - Happy New Years Intro 02:01
02 Mobb Deep - You Just Came Outside 02:56
03 Young Jeezy Feat. Fabolous - Freestyle 01:26
04 Young Buck - Dont Feel My Pain 04:41
05 Storm P - This Is My New Year 02:43
06 Jim Jones - Freestyle 04:39
07 Nas - Keep Grown (Not On Album) 02:42
08 J.R Writer - Wait (Exclusive) 03:42
09 Young Jeezy Feat. Snoop Dogg - Real G's 04:57
10 Prodigy - Freestyle 03:19
11 Ali Vegas - Let Us Live (Exclusive) 03:42
12 Jim Jones Feat. Rock Mob - Freestyle 03:57
13 Hot Rod - G-Unit Freestyle (Exclusive) 06:01
14 Young Jeezy Feat. Busta Rhymes - I 04:53
Love It (Remix)
15 Remo Da Rapstar Feat. Esso and Nina B 04:04
- Government
16 Swiss Beats - Kingdom Come Freestyle 02:43
17 Clap Cognac - Blast Off 03:47
18 Red Cafe Feat. Coca Chanelle & 04:02
Fabolous - Blast Off
19 T-Rell - Lost Art MLB Music 03:12
20 Black Boy - Slinging Da Docks 02:15
21 Magg 1 - Freestyle 04:32
22 Reem - Freestyle 01:16
23 Myjesty - Freestyle 02:24

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nk788's picture

yo isnt jr writer biting off

yo isnt jr writer biting off cassidy when dude goes "pockets full of cheese like a mozarela stick". i lost all respect for dude

Diplomats99's picture

man fuck you, J.R. Writer is

man fuck you, J.R. Writer is just as nice as cassidy, sick rhymes, good delivery, good punches, your the one thats wack.

The Jerk's picture

Jump off the dick bro

Seriously. The past five fucking torrents Ive been has your stupid ass talking some whack whack whack shit. Dipset isnt that good and Jeezy definently aint better than lil wayne or nas. JR Cam and 40 cal all sound the same. I like jeezy but weezy puts out enough shit for 3 or 4 cd in the same time jeezy does one. Nas has been rapping for over a decade, he might be losing it but he's paid his dues, so shut the fuck up get off the dick. Id love to see a YouTube video of you getting clapped right now, shmuck

grimey azz cover

grimey azz cover

you right

yungwun wrote:
grimey azz cover

true dat

nk788's picture

dipset99 stfu plz thx

dipset99 u's a bitch ass nigga i never said jr's worse then cassidy he w as my fav MC until he bit taht line off of cassidy. and shtis not even a freestyle. learn how to read u dumbass nigga