Pries - Transfer Student (Hosted By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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1. Late For Class
2. Freshman Of The Year (Feat. Adam Duncan)
3. I Wanna Be a Star
4. Tattoos
5. Bitch I'm Cold
6. Love Radio
7. I Don't Care (High)
8. Backpack
9. If I Could Sing
10. Revenge Of The Nerd
11. Money, Power, Respect
12. Worth My Time
13. Keg Stand
14. So Beautiful
15. Knockout
16. Thank You

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this is the asian plies? lol

this is the asian plies? lol
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Ririzzlm that is really funny, mayne.
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He pronounces it Preece...

Dude actually aint that bad. Better than a lot of the NOOBs out there on the come up. Its worth a listen anyway...