Rain - American Dreamin' 3


01 Ad3 Intro
02 Time Flies
03 Tears Of A Man
04 Everything I Love
05 Get Loud
06 Once Again
07 Another Episode
08 Everyday
09 May Not Be
10 Watching The Streets
11 Precious
12 Home Sweet Home
13 Gangsta Music
14 Some Things Change

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youtube that shit up

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV1txYOGBwQ - dude's pretty tight. forgot about him till i searched on here for his other tapes. haven't listened to this yet, but it should be good.
feROSHUSs's picture

i fucks wit dis cat! hah ive

i fucks wit dis cat! hah ive always wanted to say that, but yeaa first time i heard him was on a run this town remix, good chit mang
bole420's picture

good tape i

good tape i think, but yea rain is decent nice clean lyrics check out if yall wish
spokompton's picture

shits straight....6/10

nothing really original here but none the less good shit....thank god carolina got better shit than Petey Pablo..lol
ktakatheo's picture


lol, and I throw that out there loosely. Yeah, Youtube this man - been out longer than J. Cole and in MY opinion goes harder at least 1/2 the time...part of the reason he's an actual street motherfucker unlike 90% of rappers today....which is part of the reason 90% suck balls DEEP. I holds it DOWN for Rain and company ;) check it...then check me....than GET OVER IT :) Bless "Loyalty: if it is true, it covers all the things people long for - love, trust, peace, accountablilty, honor, respect, and grace. If I can have but one thing, may it be loyalty." - Kris Thomas
bole420's picture

by far the best

i gave this another spin, and its by far the best i heard from rain. yall niggas dont sleep on rain...in a sneaky way he took shots at the freshmen for 2010. this nigga is hungry...if you never liked his shit, you need to d/l this it may change your mind about the bmore' rapper now live in carolina....
patcol's picture

oh yeah i like that

oh yeah i like that director's chair joint he got


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fire Rains

Oh yeah N.C STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rain is droppn fire frm the sky the industry.