DJ Skee & Jay-Z: The American Godfather

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01 Introduction (on the DL).mp3 1.95 MB
02 Say Hello (on the DL).mp3 5.90 MB
03 Hello Brooklyn (on the DL).mp3 5.74 MB
04 American Dreamin' (on the DL).mp3 4.81 MB
05 Blue Magic (on the DL).mp3 5.35 MB
06 Dead Presidents Interlude (on the DL).mp3 2.98 MB
07 I Know (on the DL).mp3 4.83 MB
08 Party Life (on the DL).mp3 5.83 MB
09 No Hook (on the DL).mp3 5.23 MB
10 Pray (on the DL).mp3 5.94 MB
11 Politics As Usual Interlude (on the DL).mp3 2.60 MB
12 Ignorant Shit (on the DL).mp3 5.16 MB
13 Success (on the DL).mp3 5.01 MB
14 Roc Boys (on the DL).mp3 5.75 MB
15 Fallin (on the DL).mp3 4.62 MB
16 Sweet (on the DL).mp3 4.69 MB
17 American Gangster (on the DL).mp3 5.67 MB

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DJ Skee & Jay-Z!

more AG remixes

man Skee kilt this...I also found two other noteworthy American Gangster Remixes 1. American Gangster 80's Style by J.Brookinz here's the link 2. American Zepplin by DJ Doc Rok here's the link the more Jigga the better
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Yeah that Led Zepplin & Jay-Z tape is pretty fuckin' hot.